Character Information
Gender Male
Species Phantom
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 7

 Zizz is a Pop'n Music character. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Zizz is a very pale green with big black slit eyes. He lacks a nose and has slightly pointed ears with half of his face hidden by a white mask. 


A mysterious gentleman phantom. Zizz often practices magic and makes dolls and puppets to bring to life. He tends to pick outfits that he deems 'pleasent'. 

In his spare time he enjoys attending Masquerades being held in Venice. 



A black tuxedo top with puffed sleeves making it almost resemble a blouse. He wears black pants and shoes, along with a flowing cape of mauve to black. On his head is a big black beret with a fluffy dark magenta feather attached to it. At his neck is a yellow bowtie.

PM9 Edit

In this game his appearance is slightly similar to his last. His hat is straightened but keeps the same giant feather. While his top has pointed shoulders, loses the bowtie and cape, and gains gold buttons and cuffs. His pants and shoes remain the same. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Electric Dolls Freddie Hatae and Eleharmonic Darkness CSPM7
Freddie Hatae and Eleharmonic Darkness 2 PM9



  • In Pop'n Music 20, he hacked Alt 2.0.
    • He makes a cameo in her Lose and Dance animations, and his face appears on her screen in her Miss animation.
  • He's the one who created Mebae, as he is seen being the puppeteer for them in his animations.
  • Zizz bears a resemblance to Mandark From Dexter's Laboratory due his plans for hacking Alt Like how Mandark tries to hack Dexter's computer and trying to get rid of him and his Laboratory.






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