Character Information
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Birthplace Fairytale Land
Likes Nighttime walks
Dislikes Sunlight, Boredom
Hobbies Making Music, Band Activities
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 2

 Yuli is a character in Pop'n Music series. He makes many appearances in the series as one of it's popular characters. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Yuli is a very pale skinned vampire boy with red-pinkish eyes and pale, milky-blue hair. He is often depicted in gothic or "punk-ish" attire and is normally seen with his eye's half shut, a red pair of vampire wings, and a single fang sticking out from his mouth.


A vampire who started the band Deuil in order to pass the time. He usually spends every moment dedicated to his band and is passionate towards music and his friends, Ash and Smile. Who may be just a bit intimidated by him. He is very charming and has many fans in both humans and bats alike. 

Yuli will only come out during the night to avoid tanning his skin, either out of personal concerns regarding his looks or as he is a vampire remains unknown. However he has been out in the light before and seems fine, implying the former. 


Pop'n Music 2Edit

A dark blue jacket with a lighter blue cross on each side. A bright red band wraps around his upper left arm, while his shoes are plain black boots with blue strips at the top. He wears a gold necklace with a big silver crosshanging from it.

Pop'n Music 4Edit

A long, dark blue suit-styled jacket with loose red bowtie and the armband from his previous appearance. He also has on black pants and black shoes. 

Pop'n Music 8Edit

Here Yuli's hair appears slightly shorter while his eyelids are pale lilac. Here he wears a gray top over a black long sleeved shirt with a cross on the front. He also has on black denim pants with a belt that has a bat-like piece in the center and a blue cross on each leg. His boots remain the same, as does his arm band. His necklace has a tiny blue droplet on it.  

Pop'n Music 16Edit

After an absense in the series Yuli appears again. His hair appears somewhat sharpened compared to it's "loose" styling previous, while his wings are more narrow. He wears a black tuxedo with black boots, a white undershirt with purple tie, and a top hat with a white band in the middle. He still has his usual red band around his arm. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
WHITE BIRDS Violent Age Visual PM2
Cry Out Good-Cool featuring KoHey from Medical Trance Peach Visual 2 PM4
Late Riser Good-Cool Visual 3 PM8
Desire Takayuki Ishikawa feat. Hyuga Rei Visual 4 PM16
USO Koh Ichiro (Licenced Song) PM18
Flower・Moon・Miracle PLATINUM-EDEN JV-Rock
WHITE BIRDS, Cry Out Violent Age, Good-Cool Visual 1, Visual 2 PMBH


Pop'n Music 2Edit

  • NEUTRAL: Sings with a microphone.
  • GOOD: he moves his head up.
  • GREAT: he flies up and pink bats appear
  • FEVER: he smells a rose and throws it away.
  • MISS: he shows a sad expression while his wings are down.
  • WIN: same as FEVER. Only difference is that he doesn't throw the rose away.
  • FEVER WIN: same as GREAT.
  • LOSE: same as MISS.

Pop'n Music 4Edit

  • NEUTRAL: Sings with a microphone
  • GOOD: he leans his microphone closer to him and taps one of his feet
  • GREAT: he takes out a rose and all the petals fall down.
  • FEVER: he flies up and pink bats appear
  • MISS: he turns to his left showing a sad expression while his wings are down
  • WIN: same as GOOD.
  • FEVER WIN: same as FEVER.
  • LOSE: same as MISS

Pop'n Music 8Edit

  • NEUTRAL: Sings with a microphone
  • GOOD: he turns to the left
  • GREAT: he points to the player
  • FEVER: he kicks his microphone pole away. Smile makes a small cameo and picks the pole back up again
  • MISS: Yuli hits his forehead with the microphone, he sheds a single tear.
  • WIN: he flies up and roses appear in the background
  • FEVER WIN: Yuli is seen flying in the distance with Smile, and Ash being carried by Dino.
  • LOSE: pink bats appear to give Yuli gifts, however he snaps his fingers and returns back to his coffin to sleep.

Pop'n Music 16Edit

  • NEUTRAL: Sings with a microphone
  • GOOD: He pulls out a rose, the petals fall almost immediately
  • GREAT: He sings louder
  • FEVER: Yuli is seen wearing his hat, pointing at the player
  • MISS: He takes his microphone away from his face
  • WIN: Flies up in circles around himself
  • FEVER WIN: Same as WIN
  • LOSE: He shows a grumpy expression and turns, his back facing the player. Smile is seen laughing in the background while wolf Ash looks disappointed.


  • His original design in PM4 was scrapped after being deemed too revealing.