Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Likes Celebrities, Talent
Dislikes Weird Song Lyrics
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 4

 Yuki is a character in Pop'n Music. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Yuki is a fair-skinned girl with big turqoise eyes. She has spiked hair that appears light orange on top and dark orange-red underneath. She wears hot pink lipstick. 


After appearing for the first time in an Amateur Auditions Program, Yuki became instantly popular. She enjoys collecting cosmetics and watching television, however she is known to be highly competitive and depises losing. 


Yuki wears a short revealing purple dress with a fluffy white trim to match the trim of her neon-violet gloves. She wears a neon-violet choker and black knee-length boots. 


Her hair has lengthened enough to appear more even. She wears a dress composed of a white tank-top with pale design around the top and a matching colored band beneath the chest. The lower portion is pale blue with a translucent, pale pink layer beneath it. She wears white heels with ankle straps and a pair of dark purple leggings. Around her neck is a pearl necklace, while on her head she wears sunglasses.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
[[Hone Up <3 Tonight]] good-cool featuring Mickin' and Tackin' Disco Girls PM4
MOON Dj Taka feat. Erika Mochizuki Melancholy Euro PM13



  • Originally, in Beta form Yuki was to have blue and yellow hair and wore a very revealing black and red leather outfit. 





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