Yima 11
Character Information
Gender Male
Birthplace Peak of the Gods
Likes Love, God
Dislikes Those Lowly Things
Hobbies Dancing
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 10

Yima is a new character who appears in Pop'n Music 10.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Yima is a long, anthropomorphic slender figure who may or may-not be human. He has small dark red eyes and blonde hair framing his face.


He spends all day dancing his thanks to the gods, he prays relentlessly.


PM10 and PM13Edit

Originally, Yima had black skin and dark blue eyes. His hair was dirty-blonde, while his cap was black and the horn-shaped objects on top were black with turqoise gradience on top. He wears green bracelets and a long flowing cyan scarf with a a pair of orange and grey pants.


Yima's hat is white while the horn-shapes on top become storm-blue with a pale orange gradience on top. His scarf is lime with a dark magenta cloth around his shoulders, while his pants are orange and black with dark orange lining, brightening them up. His bracelets are gold.

Songs ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Beyond the Earth Nekomata Master Contemporary Nation PM10 and PM13
Sayonara Heaven Contemporary Nation 2 PM11


Neutral: Bends his legs while arms are raised, Then raises his body back up.

Good: Swings his stomach back and forth.

Great: Plays the congo drums.

Fever: Plays the maracas while stepping left and right.

Miss: Starts wobbling, Struggles to keep balance.

Win: Strikes a pose- He bends then stand on his leg and lifts his arm, a white symbol then appears.

Lose: He wobbles the same as his Miss animation, But Shirks then vanishes.


Yima bears a resemblance to Jesus due to his love of god and where he was born the peak of the Gods.


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