I know I know, I keep leaving this place then say I'll come back, then leave and come back...

Anyway, I was pretty excited to get back on here and resume my work and stuff to improve this place and I just happened to find the original Pop n Music wiki, and it really looks a lot better then it used to DX It really got my hopes down that this one will be worth much to anyone. It didn't used to be so nice looking, and now it deffinitely is the better one. It's design even looks a lot better.

Of course, I know I sound like I'm whining but it's really depressing how many wikia I had this happen to me, either because I aim too high, or just because it loses heat and I'm stuck by myself doing everything at some point. I can't even make a nice design or make anything cool either...

At any rate, I am considering to ask if maybe the Admin of the other wiki would like to merge these together; but given how much better it is now, I'm kinda doubting they would accept it when we don't even have anything to offer. 

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