Uncle Jam
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthplace Japan
Likes Unagi Pie, Pretty Girls
Dislikes Anpan, Takoyaki
Hobbies Pretty Girls
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 1

Uncle Jam is a character from Pop'n Music. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Uncle Jam is a dark skinned male with black facial hair that matches his black hair. He has bushy eyebrows and red lips. 


Uncle Jam is a character of few words. Not very much is known about him other then the fact he is implied to be a perverted type. Usually he can be found promoting curry while at his home, and surprisingly he happens to be famous in his home town for unknown reasons. 


Pop'n Music 1Edit

Originally Uncle Jam wore an outfit composed of a yellow shirt with red lines and green sleeves. His baggy green pants came with a pair of white sneakers, one with red on the top and the other blue - both of which having green on the sides. 

His recolor includes a red and pink top. 

In his appearance during Olivia's animation, he can be seen with a red, yellow, and green sleeveless shirt. 

Pop'n Music 10Edit

Uncle Jam wears a tank top of red, yellow, and green. He also wore a pair of jeans. 

Pop'n Music 13Edit

Here, Uncle Jam takes on a Safari appearance. He wears a yellow and red top held by a row of buttons. A pocket is on each chest, and around his waist is a red belt. he wears forest-green kapri-pants and a matching colored backpack. His sneakers are white, while on his head is a red, green, and white cap.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
YOUNG DREAM Little Fingers Rap PM1
Summer Time Shinpei Caribean Beats PM10
Young Dream Little Fingers Rap PMBH
King Monkey Co-Ping Jungle Go Go PM13



  • Normal - he moves his arms up and down in a twisting motion, along with his body. 
  • Fever/Ojama - He switches between a bathing suit and a yellow rabbit suit, then in a frog suit he turns to the opponent to taunt them. 
  • Win - He turns to the side and does a different dance
  • Lose - He makes a thumbs down and his pants fall. 


  • Before Pop'n Music, Uncle Jam made an appearance in the first Beatmania game that came out in 1997. He appears in the song Jam Jam Reggae. 
    • He was not named until Pop'n Music, though.
    • It's suspected that his name came from the song he appeared in, or from the alias of Jam Master '73
  • It is revealed in pop'n music 2 that Uncle Jam is also Kraft?. During an animation the costume will fall apart. At another point post-song he removes the helmet to fan himself off. 
  • Online, Uncle Jam is often listed as Jam Oji-san