Character Information
Gender Male
Species Split-Personality Human
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 13

Tsuyoshi is a Pop'n Music Character who appears in Pop'n Music 13


Physical AppearanceEdit

Tsuyoshi is a split personality with each side looking different. One has neatly brushed, spiked pale blonde hair and slightly feminine, dark blue-black. The other side has slightly messy, hazel-colored hair with dark blue eyes.




One side of Tsuyoshi is dressed like a prince, while the other resembles a rapper or street performer. The prince-side wears a lavender and blue outfit with white lines on the blue sections to match his sleeves. His boots are pale, sky blue and are worn with white tights. He has lavender hat with white and pale yellow feathers sticking out of it. Around his neck is a gold two-layer chain necklace, while on his waist is a black belt. This side carries a rose with him.

The other side wears a loose pale green T-shirt with baggy dark blue denim pants and a pair of white and black sneakers with grey bottoms. He wears a cyan cap and a pair of matching headphones. This side holds a microphone.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Sun and Battle Tsuyoshi J House Pop PM13







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