Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthplace Japan?
Likes ?
Dislikes ?
Hobbies Dancing?
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 2

 Tourmaline is a bonus character from Pop'n Music 2


Physical AppearanceEdit

Tourmaline resembles Mary and Rave Girl. Her skin seems to be a little lighter than their own, while her hair is a burnt, copper-orange color and she has big, matching colored eyes. She tends to wear orange variants of Mary or Rave Girl's outfits. 


Much like Rave Girl, not very much is known about Tourmaline. She is known for not showing her true feelings to anyone and stands out from the lively Mary, and the mysteriously popular Rave Girl. She is often seen frowning or expressing hesitation, but not always.

Like the others she is very passionate when it comes to dancing. She can usually be found composing, making music, and performing it all by herself. 


Pop'n Music 2Edit

Originally Tourmaline was depicted with a white tank top and a loose orange jacket hanging from her elbow. Her pants are dark red, while her sneakers are bright orange-red and white. Her jewelry appears to be pale gold, or white. 

Pop'n Music 3Edit

Here, Tourmaline wears a dark orange T-shirt with white sleeves and star on the chest. Her pants are the same color but with a single line going down each side of the leg, while her sneakers remain the same also. 

Pop'n Music 8Edit

After a long absense Tourmaline reappears with pale brown-tan skin and big dark brown eyes. She has fluffy pale brown hair worn with a white headband. She wears a dark brown tank top with brown, pale brown, and brown-beige coloring in a zig-zag pattern. Her shoes are dark brown. Her jewelry is still white and she has bandaging on her upper right arm and left wrist. 


In all three games, her variant is blue-skinned with blue hair and a blue outfit.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Sayonara (Goodbye) Anna J-R&B PM2
Ai wo Sagasou (Look for Love) Ma-You J-R&B2 PM3
Can't Stop My Love Yumi Kawamura J-R&B3 PM8
Healen 2Step PM14 (ee'Mall)



  • Same animation as Rave Girl's and Mary's.


  • Same as above.


  • Tourmaline is the second Mary recolor, and the third Mary-character in total. 
  • In her PM2 profile image, Nakajima-San can be seen in the lower corner.
  • Tourmaline is a crystal born mineral. Ironically, they are never Orange colored.
  • Despite the profile image of tourmaline in PM2 showing her frowning, she is not seen to be frowning in the actual game.