Toru Kamikaze
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthday July 17th
Birthplace Japan
Likes Sacchin
Dislikes Warudoc
Hobbies Studying Pachinko
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 1

Toru Kamikaze is a character in Pop'n Music. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Toru is a young man, most-likely a teenager under the age of 18. He has fair skin and small black eyes, and very messy, chocolate-brown hair with his bangs sticking out towards the right. 


Toru Kamikaze is a young man who loves to play Pachinko. Given that he lives in a Pachinko Parlor located into Yokohama Japan, he desires to become a player someday. But for now he is underage, so he can only practice. 

Toru is hot-blooded by nature and highly passionate. But when it comes to Sacchin he shows a softer side. 


Toru wears a pale yellow body suit lined with red markings, gloves, a scarf, and shoes. Under this is a dark blue color and he wears a red belt with a Z on it.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Tatakae! Gambler Z RYO Anime Hero PM1


Pop'n Music 1Edit

  • Neutral - he runs
  • Great - Toru jumps up and in a splitscreen his face appears with the Gambler Z Robo's head before the Robo's full body appears. 
  • Good - same animation as Great sans the Robo's full body appearance.
  • Bad - Warudoc is seen laughing as his Robo is shown below him.
  • Fever - Toru meets Sacchin and hugs her. Then Warudoc kidnaps Sacchin.
    • In the newer games, the part where Warudoc kidnaps Sacchin was omitted.
    • In the English version of the first game, the Japanese text "Toru!", and "Sacchin!" were removed, as well as the hearts in the background.
  • Ojama - same as Fever.


  • Toru is based on the anime genre, Super Sentai - a group of warriors who protect the world from evil and usually gain the aid of mechs.
    • It is implied that Toru may have been based off of the Gundam series. 
    • However, the idea of Gambler Z could be a reference to popular mecha series, Mazinger Z: both feature mechs greated by the grandfather of their pilots, and both have a Z in the name. 


Art Edit

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