Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthday May 15th
Birthplace Japan
Likes Nyami <3 (claims to be her boyfriend)
Dislikes Sewing
Hobbies Cosplay, Collecting costumes and designs
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 1

 Timer is a Pop'n Music character. He is the older brother of Minit and has performed with Sholl Kee and Ice a few times. He has a massive crush on Nyami


Physical AppearanceEdit

Timer is a teenage boy with caramel-colored hair and big, bright pink eyes. 


Timer is an idol and musician who loves to cosplay and may visit or work at the Cosplay Cafe. He is often talked about and is the center of gossip, but he is in fact a very good person. He has a big crush on Nyami and is very happy whenever he can be there to support her or hang out with her. While Nyami seems to genuinely like hanging out with him, sometimes he can be overly affectionate or needy and it bothers her. 

He also really likes cosplay and may be interested in fashion, but he does not like to sew himself and his closet looks like that of a department store. He also seems to have mild interest in design and reading. 


Pop'n Music 2Edit

Timer is originally depicted in a raspberry-colored suit with a loose tuxedo top with a pair of black boots, white cuff, and white lapel. A pocket watch was seen hanging from a chain on the left side. He wears a raspberry rabbit-ear hood and has a very long purple tie with a white rabbits head near the bottom. 

Pop'n Music 6Edit

Here, Timer wears a simple outfit composed of a red tank top with turtleneck and a pair of red long-shorts or short pants. His black boots have turned into sneakers with red accenting and a pair of black socks, while his rabbit-ear hood is red with loose ears. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
ROSE ~Koibito yo, Barairo ni Somare (ROSE ~Lover, dyed in rose) BROKE Digi Rock PM2
Hashirinukeru Kimi He, Hurry Up! Ichiro Yoghida Digi Pop PM6
ROSE ~Koibito yo, Barairo ni Somare, and Hashirinukeru Kimi He, Hurry Up! BROKE, Ichiro Yoghida Digi Rock, Digi Pop PMBH


Pop'n Music 2Edit

  • Normal - sings while holding a microphone.
  • Great - swings his tie
  • Good - turns to the back and raises both arms. 
  • Bad - Rain pours down
  • Full Gauge - He changes his suit into a bunny outfit and holds a cup and pot. 


  • Timer is one of the first characters to have a crush on someone not of their species. 
  • Originally Timer seemed to be based on the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland
  • Despite having a image for himself in PM5, Timer does not appear in Pop'n Music 5.
  • In PM6, Timer resembles Neku from The World Ends with You, wearing an outfit similar to his.
  • Timer, much like Mimi owns a Nyami doll. It is unknown where or how he got it. 






Fanart Edit