The theme of GAMBLER Z
Kanji 闘え!!ギャンブラーZ
English Strike! GAMBLER Z
Hiroshi Takeyasu / Hiroki Koga
Lyrics RYO
Game Information
Artist words:RYO song:NARAMCHA
Character Toru Kamikaze
Song Information
Vocals NARAMCHA (Hiroshi Naraoka)
BPM 161
Length 1:35
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 1
CD Information
Album none

Lyrics Edit

Japanese Edit

胸を焦がす 正義の魂
ワルドック軍団 倒す為
山をも砕く そのパワー

命を賭けた必殺の ロイヤルストレートフラッシュ!


ワルドックの野望 砕くまで

世界中のエネルギー この腕に集めて光る!!
唸れ!叫べ!!ギャンブラー  Z

Romaji Edit

Mune o kogasu seigi no tamashii
Warudoc gundan taosu tame
Yama o mo kudaku sono power
GAMBLER Z de hasshin da!

Inochi wo kaketa hissatsu no ROYAL STRAIGHT FLASH!
Tatake! Kudake! Ren chan bazooka

Ore no menokuroiuchi wa
Ikasama nante zettai ni sa senai ze!?
Otto, 115 bandai START shimashita~.

Warudoc no yabou kudaku made
Oyaji mitekure! Ore wa yaru!!

Sekaijuu no energy kono ude ni atsumete hikaru!!
Unare! Sakebe!! GAMBLER Z

English Translation Edit

Burning in its chest is the spirit of justice
To overthrow Warudoc's evil army
Harnessing power enough to crush mountains
GAMBLER Z takes off!

Wagering its life with its special move : ROYAL STRAIGHT FLASH!

Do you really expect any cheating to get past my eyes!?
Whoops, a 115 series train just started~

Warudoc's ambitions must be crushed
Watch me, Pops! This is for you!!

Bright energy from around the world is gathered in my arm!!
Growl! Shout!! GAMBLER Z

Song Connections / Remixes Edit

  • A sequel to The theme of GAMBLER Z, titled はばたけ、ザ・グレートギャンブラー (Habatake, THE GREAT GAMBLER) , can be found in pop'n music 2.
  • An extended version of The theme of GAMBLER Z, titled TATAKAE! GAMBLER Z pop'n music-DA!! Special Version, can be found in pop'n music打!!. It was credited to RYO&NARAMCHA.

Trivia Edit

  • The HYPER chart version of The theme of GAMBLER Z has more sounds and vocal samples than the NORMAL/5-Buttons version of the song.
  • NARAMCHA is an alias of Hiroshi Naraoka, one of the pop'n music programmers.
  • In the Asian English version of the game, the title is changed to "The theme from GAMBLER Z". The theme was CARTOON HERO.
  • In early pop'n music games, the title was also shown as TATAKAE! GAMBLER Z.
    • In the Asian English version it is translated as "Go for it! GAMBLER Z".
  • The main enemy of GAMBLER Z, WARUDOC, appears in TORU KAMIKAZE's MISS and LOSE animations. He would get his own song later in pop'n music 6.
  • In pop'n music 2 and its CS counterpart, The theme of GAMBLER Z's character was MZD.
  • In pop'n music 3 and its CS counterpart, The theme of GAMBLER Z's character was SHOLLKEE.

Music Comment Edit

"Super Robot GAMBLER Z" theme song.

Asian English version: Adventure cartoon style song.

Song Production Information Edit

Action-packed anime song... that was the request of the design team to which this song was created.

Designer MZD made the character style to which songwriter RYO quickly made the song.

Since 2nd lyrics can be made, I thought there would be a chance to announce a CD release.

Difficulty & Notecounts Edit

Game Standard Battle
5 Button Normal Hyper EX Normal Hyper
Notecounts 167 177 325 - 176 325
pop'n music→2 - 16 - - - -
pop'n music 3 - - H - - -
pop'n music 4 - 16 23 - - -
pop'n music 6 - - H - - -
pop'n music 9 6 ↓12 ↓16 - 8 16
pop'n music 10→20 fantasia 6 12 ↑17 - 8 16
pop'n music Sunny Park→Present - 18 23 - 8 16
pop'n music CS - 16 - - - -
pop'n music 2 CS - 16 - - - -
pop'n music 3 CS - - 23 - - -
pop'n music 6 CS - - H - - -
pop'n music 9 CS 6 12 17 - 8 16
pop'n music 10 CS 6 12 17 - 8 16

Gallery Edit

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