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The KING first appeared in Pop'n Music 1. He is one of the four player characters in the first game and since then
has wavered between being playable and having his own songs.


The KING is known for a title and not by a true name. While he is a singer/dancer, he has a huge love of sports and can spend hours watching football whenever he's free or taking a break.

The KING does mostly all of his own work when setting up for new performances. He does all of the stage design and seems to take a great pride in it. He also really admires and treasures his fans. It's because of them that he got back into his famous career after coming across an old fan letter.

The KING may be down sometimes but he will never be out!

Birthday: January 8th
Birthplace: America
Hobby: American football, he never forgets to root for the home team! Stage designing
Likes: Fans
Dislikes: When Mary tried to make him eat natto (fermented soybeans)

Song ListEdit

  • PM4: Tonight, Lovers day. By Masasi Mickey. His theme is Passion.
  • PM10: Texas Gunman by Sludgy Hawks with N. The theme is Western
  • PM11: Blue River, by T-Bone. The theme is Cowboy.


Pm2 King

PM2 outfit

The KING has yellow Elvis styled hair, also known as a pompadour and portrays typical American features such as dark blue eyes and tanned skin. Originally wearing the very debut outfit when he was still in business: a red one piece jumpsuit with white cuffs and collar, red point-toed shoes with white bottoms, and a gold chain necklace and brown belt with a golden music note in the center.

In the second game the KING switches this for a white two piece outfit consisting of a white jacket with blue along the back and front, two long white strands on the sleeves to represent wings, a red and gold belt, tight white jeans and white pointed shoes.

The KING's outfit in Pop'n Music 3 seems to combine his two previous outfits. He wears a red top with four white stars on both sides of the chest, the top has a big white neck/collar and strands that start at the cuffs hanging from the sleeves. He also wears plain blue pants, and red shoes with white at the center and blue underneath. Also worn is a belt wth a golden sun and music theme, and a small gold chain.

In Pop'n Music 4, The KING's hair seems to have taken a better shape. His eyebrows are now thick and yellow

the KING from PM5

in color and his dark eyes lightened but only slightly. He wears a white button up shirt under a dark blue jacket with white ruffled lining and neck, its held closed with a red ribbon/bow. He wears purple jeans and black pointed toe shoes with a red belt and gold music note at the middle.

In Pop'n Music 5, The KING's outfit is a medium shade of blue jumpsuit with gold circles and a star on the front and loose white cuffs and neck. Small tassels hang from the cuffs and he wears blue pointed shoes/boots and small gold chain around his neck. Also worn is a red belt with a gold music note. His alternate coloring is a slightly lighter outfit with orange belt.

In PM8, The KING wears a orange jacket like cape that is opened with a fur/fluffy trim. Knee length jeans with a star at the top, and tall white boots with two stars on each one.

In his next appearance, Pop'n Music 10, the KING has gone for a totally different theme and has now begun to dress as a cowboy. While his blonde hair, skin, and eyes are the same, the king's color scheme has once again changed. Now being green and tan.

The KING wears a tan-orange cowboy hat, along with a bright teal-green cowboy shirt with white tassels and neck line. He also has on dark green pants with tan-brown chaps attached to his matching belt with a sheriff star placed on the center. His shoes are plain brown cowboy boots.

In Pop'n Music 11 the KING has gone back to his normal outfits. Except this one is pure yellow/gold with a brown belt that has an orange star on it and plain white tassels. At his chest on both sides is light blue markings.

The biggest changes to the KING is his paler skin, reddened eyes, and orange hair!



  • The KING is most likely a reference to Elvis:
  1. They have very similar hairstyles, but different in color.
  2. Dress in the same attire
  3. Both are stage performers
  4. Both are called the King.
  • Out of the four playable characters in the first game and a few more to come, the KING is the only male.
  • Besides Nyami and Mimi knowing each other, he and Mary seem to know each other as well. Which means all four playable characters in the first game relate to someone else.
  • For some reason, he always seems to have a "evil" looking expression. Despite being known as a nice guy.


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