Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthday January 8th
Birthplace America
Likes Fans
Dislikes Mary trying to make him eat Natto
Hobbies Stage Designing, American Football
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 1

The KING first appeared in Pop'n Music 1 as one of the four player characters, being the character for Excite mode (known as Hard mode in the first game). Since the first release he has wavered between playable and having his own stages and songs as an opponent. 



KING has the appearance of an Americanized Elvis. He has a big pompadour that is bright yellow in color and small dark blue eyes. His skin usually appears to be tanned and he is assumed to be a young adult. He often has a mischevious expression and usually wears over-the-top costumes.  

Starting with Pop'n Music 11, The King's hair became orange while his eyes turned red. His skin has paled.


Known for a title and not his true name, he is a famous singer and dance with a huge love of sports. Whenever he isn't working he can usually be found participating in design work, watching football for hours, and responding to the adoring fans. Whom he treasures dearly and respects - given that just when he stops performing, an old fan letter will bring him right back to it. 

Despite his popularity and not-so humble expressions, the KING is seen doing almost all of his work in preparation for his performances. He handles the stage designs and takes a great pride in all of it; implying he has a creative side. 

Sometimes down, he will never be out. 


Pop'n Music 1Edit

Originally the KING can be seen wearing the debut outfit he wore for his first performance. It consisted of a red jumpsuit with white cuffs and collar, along with red point-toed shoes with white bottoms, a gold chain necklace, and a brown belt with a gold musical note in the middle. 

Pop'n Music 2Edit

A white two-piece resembling a jumpsuit composed of a white jacket with blue along the front and black, and very long fringes on the sleeves. Around his waist is a red and gold belt, while his pants and shoes are white. 

Pop'n Music 3Edit

The outfit worn by the KING seems to be inspired by both of his prior outfits. He wears a red top with four white stars on both sides of the torso. A big white collar with matching fringe at the cuff are also included. His pants appears denim with red and white shoes with blue underneath. The belt is gold with a sun and music-theme, along with a small gold chain attached to it. 

Pop'n Music 4Edit

In this game, the King's hair has formed a bit more while his eyebrows become more prominent and his eyes lightened. He wears a white buttoned top under a blue jacket with white ruffled lining along the neck, held shut with a red bow-tie. He wears purple denim pants and black point-toed shoes. His belt is red with a gold musical note. 

Pop'n Music 5Edit

A blue jumpsuit with gold circles and a single star on the torso. The neck and cuff appear to be loose white material, while small fringe hangs from the cuffs. His shoes are now blue, while a small gold chain hangs from his neck. His belt is the same as the last games. 

His recolored form appears to have lighter coloring and an orange belt. 

Pop'n Music 8Edit

The KING wears an orange jacket resembling a cape with fur trim. His denim pants are knee in length with a star at the top, and tall white boots with two stars on each shoe. 

Pop'n Music 10Edit

In this game he wore a beige-orange cowboy hat with a bright teal shirt with white fringe and neck lining. His pants are dark green with beige chaps attached with a matching belt that has a sheriff-star at the center. His shoes are brown cowboy boots.

 Pop'n Music 11Edit

The KING goes back to his normal-type of outfits. This one is gold with a brown belt that has an orange star on it. The fringe of his outfit is white, while light blue markings are visible on both sides of the torso.

Song ListEdit

Song Title Artist Theme Game
Tonight, Lovers Day Masasi Mickey Passion PM4
Texas Gunman Sludgy Hawks with N. Western PM10
Blue River T-Bone Cowboy PM11



  • Out of the original player characters, KING was the only male. 
  • The KING knows Mary, but it is unknown how.
    • This makes the four player characters in the original game all associated with someone else in the group. 
  • For some reason, he always seems to have an "evil" looking expression. Despite it being pointed out that he is actually very nice.