Character Information
Gender Female
Birthplace Bottom of the Sea
Likes Singing
Dislikes Being Alone
Hobbies Finding other Fish
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 9

Tetra is a new character who appears in Pop'n Music 9.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Tetra is a pale skinned humanoid with turqoise eyes and pale blue pointed ears. She has peach hair worn in spiked sections on each side of her head, resembling a bang-less look with a cowlick, a single part sticking up, and forelocks.


A lonely soul spending her days singing - her most favorite activity in hopes of attracting company. If even for a little while.


She wears a plain, shiny silvery-white dress with a matching scarf.

Songs ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Angel Fish ToMo K Tears PM9



  • Originally, Tetra was a gloomy human girl with short hair covering her eye, dressed in pajamas while carrying a fish bowl.


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