Tart & Toffee
Tart and Toffee
Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 8

 Tart & Toffee are a duo set of Pop'n Music Characters. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

As they are twins, Tart and Toffee resemble each other. Both of them have pale skin coloring and short hair reaching their necks. Tart has pale blue eyes and yellow hair, while Toffee has dark brown eyes and light brown hair. 


Twin girls working towards their goal of becoming web designers. They are both nineteen years old and are known as B-type twins.



The girls dress the same with minor coloring differences. Their outfit consists mainly of a dark turqoise dress with pale blue star print with the collar, lining, and sleeves a different color, along with tall boots to match the dress. Tart's accent color is pink while Toffee's is orange. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
MOBO MOGA French Pop PM8



  • Tart and Toffee are the first out-right stated twins in the series. But If Nyuu and Myuu are twins, then this would make them the second. 
    • ​Ironically, both sets of twins are girls and debuted in the same game. 
  • Tart and Toffee are based on Pastry and Candy.
    • ​The second set of twins that would follow this pattern are Ratte and Lotte, who have names based on the Latte Coffee Drink.  






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