Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthplace Japan
Likes The Newest ParaPara Dance
Dislikes Being Called by Name
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 5

 Tamako is a Pop'n Music character. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Tamako is a tanned girl with big violet eyes worn with white makeup. She has platinum blonde hair worn in big fluffy pigtails, worn with a yellow X-clip, two fuchsia horns, and a pair of neon green hoop earring. She wears white nailpolish. 


Tamako is currently studying the art of Cosmetics. She is known for being very charismatic and adores fashion. Due to her ParaPara and Ganguro lifestyle, she still believes that the time is 1999. 


Tamako wears a peach tank top and a short aqua skirt with a pink floral design on the skirt. On the right leg is a long split in the skirt. She also wears very tall white and beige platform boots, a neon green pearl necklace, and two neon green bracelets with a single yellow one. She carries a white and fuchsia cellphone with a cross charm. 

Recolored Tamako has pale skin with dark teal hair and blue eyes. Her top, horns, and boots are bright yellow, while her skirt is dark blue with lighter blue flower, along with a single bracelet and necklace. Two bracelets and her earrings are fuchsia, while her X-clips are white. The cellphone is the same, but with a white charm.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Ultra High Heels ~ I JUST WANNA TELL YOU Dj Taka feat. Angel ParaPara PM5


A young woman with a very dark tan and white makeup and nail polish. Her eyes are bright purple, and her hair is light flax yellow, worn in puffed pigtails held with a yellow X hair clip, along with two fuchsia horns.  Her attire consist of a tea rose colored tank top and a short blue skirt with a long slit on the right side with a small peach flower drawn on the opposite corner, and knee length white platform boots. She wears a lot of jewelry consisting of a lime green bead bracelet, green hoop earrings, two lime green bracelets and a single golden one. She also owns a white cellphone with a gold cross charm.

Her recolor has pale skin, blue eyes, and dark teal hair with yellow horns, while her makeup is the same, with a white X hair clip. Her shirt and boots are bright yellow, while the charm on her cellphone is also white. Her skirt, necklace, and bracelet are bright blue. While her earrings and other bracelets are neon pink. The flower on her skirt is blue themed.



  • Tamako's design seems to have been inspired by the Yamanba or Manba Ganguro. 
  • ParaPara Dancing is a term for choreography dancing, usually in a club or rave like setting where everyone does the same dance in a big group.
  • As she dislikes being called by name, this would mean that she either hates the name Tamako, or it is her made-up name.