Hideo Taisou Daiichi! Yo~i... DON!!!

SuwaPunch is a non-playable rival "character" that appears in Pop'n Music 10. It is non-playable since it has only a single animation that is synced to it's theme song, as well as a WIN/LOSE animation.

It's song is Hideo Taisou Daiichi by SuwaPunch and the guitarists. The genre is POP'N TAISOU.


SuwaPunch is a combination of Hideo Suwa (right) and ButaPunch (Tsugumi Kataoka, left). Both of them are BEMANI music artists.

Home Town: Japan

Hobbies: ?

Likes: ?

Dislikes: ?

Songs ListEdit

  • PM10: Hideo Taisou Daiichi (Hideo primary exercise) 


In the banner,

ButaPunch and Suwa as their real selves

SuwaPunch appear to be cartoonish, like they were proper Pop'n Music characters. But during gameplay, they look like real people.

ButaPunch (the orange-haired guy wearing glasses) wears a white sleeveless shirt and gold medallion, as well as black pajamas with white stripes and black shoes.

Suwa (the black-haired guy) wears a white T-shirt and what appears to be a stick on his necklace, as well as sky blue shorts and black slippers.


  • During the hiphop part of the song, they dance lightly and make hiphop gestures. Afterwards, they stand in place as the title of the song is heard. They look up, then ButaPunch points forward and both of them start to run. ButaPunch is running ahead and becomes the victor, raising his arms while Suwa kneels down in defeat. Suwa gets up and they both make breathing exercises. Suwa holds his breath and his face turns red. Then they become surrounded by donkeys. Then when the rock cue starts, the donkeys hurriedly flee and both Suwa and ButaPunch headbang as good-cool plays guitar ar the bottom. Then ButaPunch spins his head 360 degrees and stretches his waist upward and moves like a ghost. Then they make exercise gestures while saying in Japanese, "1,2,3... 5,7,3... 5,7,3...". Then they run again. Again, ButaPunch is running way ahead and crosses the finish line first. Suwa catches up. Then they end the song singing "TAISOU!" while their heads are enlarged.


  • Tatsuya Furukawa makes a cameo in the animation, playing a guitar. he is well known under his alias, good-cool.
  • Tsugumi Kataoka is also known for composing songs sung by Manami Fujino under the band name PARQUETS.
  • "573" is Konami's goroawase number.  "Five" in Japanese is go, changed to the voiceless form ko; "7" in Japanese is nana shortened to na; "3" in Japanese is mittsu, shortened to mi; "573" = ko-na-mi.


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