Sugi- Kun
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthplace Japan
Likes Coffee with milk
Dislikes Things that require much effort, perseverance, spirit
Hobbies Collecting record shop bags
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 2

Sugi-Kun is a character from Pop'n Music. His friend is Reo-Kun.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Sugi-kun is a fair-pale skinned young man with small black eyes and brown hair that can often be found under a beret with just a single curl sticking out from the center. 


Currently in the middle of heading to Yokohama for Fame and Fortune, Sugi-Kun is part of the guitar singing pop duo. He tends to go at his own pace and is implied to be pretty lazy, nor does he give very much effort to things. But he is very popular with girls due to his musical talents and singing. Some expect him to change after he has matured and become famous. 


Pop'n Music 2Edit

Sugi-Kun originally wore a gradient long-sleeved turtleneck sweater that is orange on top and blue on the bottom, with the center being white. His pants are beige-brown, and his shoes red flats to match his backpack. His beret is dark blue. 

Alternate Sugi-kun has red hair and brown eyes, while his hat is neon pink and his sweater is blue and white themed. His pants are dark blue while his backpack and shoes are deep brown. 

Pop'n Music 5Edit

Keeping his same hat, Sugi-kun wears a pair of white and green lensed glasses over his eyes. His shirt is white with orange stripes and a light blue vest over it. His pants are lighter while his shoes have become white sneaker with orange accenting. He was seen with a red and green tambourine. 

Sugi-kun's recolor wears a white hat and the same glasses but with blue lense. His hair is still bright red while his skin appears just slightly lighter. Instead of orange he has red on his shirt, while the vest is  lilac-blue and the pants are a brightened dark blue. This one carries a pink tambourine with yellow and green.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
(fly higher than) the stars Sugi and Reo Neo Aco PM2
BICYCLE Sugi and Reo Mondo Pop PM5
(fly higher than) the stars Sugi and Reo Neo Aco PMBH


Pop'n Music 2Edit

  • Normal: Leans left and right.
  • Great: He spins and drops candy from his backpack. 
  • Good: rubs his nose
  • Bad: he turns to the side and looks at front w/ a blank expression on his face.
  • Full Gauge: He makes a rectangle shape with his hands.


  • Sugi-kun is based off early Pop'n Music sound director Sugimoto Kiyotaka.
  • Although Rie-chan's profile states their dating, Nothing has been mentioned on his own profile.
  • Sugi-kun may secretly really like candy, as he appears to have tons of it in his backpack.