Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthplace Fairytale Kingdom
Likes The mad bunny binder she got for her birthday
Dislikes Sitting alone
Hobbies Fighting (working on her flying kick!)
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 12

Spinky (Pinky Database) is a young girl who appears in Pop'n Music 12.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Spinky is a young girl with pale skin and very big blue eyes and pale blonde hair. Her lips are often in an x-shape.


Spinky is a tough child who often gets curious people to wonder how she can be like this since she is so small. She is very hard to trick or make a fool of.


Spinky wears a dark red costume with a fluffy head and rabbit ears and a texture of black splotches. The material has toes and fingers visible.

Songs ListEdit

Name Artist Theme Game
Molt - Knock Out Regrets - Maki@togo Band J-Punky Girl PM12




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