Kanji スマイル
Romaji Sumairu
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Ghost
Birthday February 18
Birthplace Marchen Kingdom
Likes Gambler Z, Curry
Dislikes Pigeons, Being Mistaken for a Mummy
Hobbies Chemistry, Playing the Bass
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 4

Smile is a character in Pop'n Music. He is a member of Deuil with Yuli and Ash.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Smile is a ghostly-blue skinned male with small red eyes. To keep himself visible he wears a lot of white bandaging and is often seen with an evil-like smirk or grin. He has spiked, almost wind-swept sapphire hair. 


Smile is an invisible man with an interest in chemistry and practical jokes. Often he can be heard humming or singing as he plays his instruement. He's also a huge fan of Gambler Z.

As his name describes, he often seems to be smiling but it looks to be somewhat scary to some. Due to his invisibility he likes to use this to his advantage during certain situations. While he doesn't come off as evil or particularly mean, he can be rude in that he finds amusement in the trouble of others. 



Smile wears a loose brown trench coat with dark brown crosses on the lower flaps and a red band below his left shoulder. His gloves and boots are dark brown and he has two tiny earrings.  

PM11 and PM12Edit

Smile wears a split-colored coat. The outside is pale orange while the inside appears light purple, matching the skulls, patches, and buttons. One sleeve is red cuff, to match the red band on his left arm. He wears blue patched pants and two miss-matched shoes; one a brown pointed-toe boot with purple buttom, and the other a purple boot with brown platform bottum. He has a pale green vine with leaves attached growing on the top of his head. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Song of the Spirit Z Hiroki Koga Horror PM4
Trick or Treat! Three Little Devils Halloween PM12
Lacenaire murr.murr.kurotoh Hip-Hop ee'MALL
Song of the Spirit Z Hiroki Koga Horror PMBH


Pop'n Music 4Edit

  • NEUTRAL: Smile stands still with his right arm grabbing the neck of his coat.
  • GOOD: He turns to the left and laughs.
  • GREAT: Same as GOOD.
  • FEVER: He claps both hands together and becomes invisible.
  • MISS: He puts a serious expression, one of his gloves falls and hangs on a piece of bandage.
  • WIN: Same as FEVER.
  • FEVER WIN: He gives you a thumbs up with his left hands while holding a Gambler Z doll on the other hand. A small heart appears floating above his head.
  • LOSE: Same as MISS.


  • Smile covers himself in bandages because he is an invisible man. If he did not then nothing would be seen, except for his head, face, and hair. This is also proven when one of the animations has his bandages come loose and nothing is seen underneath of them.
  • When Smile becomes invisible, you can still see his smile, like the Cheshire cat.
  • According to the interview in Popper's Lounge, the reason of why Smile covers his left eye is exactly the same reason why he hates pigeons. Presumably he got attacked by a flock of them and lost said eye in the process.
  • In some Pop'n Music fan work, a few people pair Mimi as Smile's love interest.