Silent Room is a character who first appears in Pop'n Music 17: The Movie.  His song is titled "Ongaku" by Benshi Cantabileo (弁士カンタビレオ).  The theme is SILENT (サイレント).  
Ha sasoribi


Silent Room seems to have been created based on the theme of "life"

Hobby: Piano

Likes: The Magic Hour

Dislikes: Slumping

Birthay: March 1st

Song List Edit

PM17: Ongaku

PM20: Dirge


Silent Room is a completely black figure with a round head and a pointed nose, depicted as a human silhouette.  He is usually portrayed as sitting upright on his piano stool, invested in a composition.  


In PM17, Silent Room is one of the Four Heavenly Kings of "The Hell 17".  The difficulty of his song is of the highest class.


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