Sholl Kee
Sholl Kee
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthday November 27th
Birthplace Japan
Likes The Internet, Composing Music
Dislikes Being rushed or forced, Composition Trouble
Hobbies Bass Fishing, Driving, Internet Surfing
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 1

Sholl Kee is a Pop'n Music Character. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Sholl Kee is a young man with tan skin and a pair of sharp horn-rim sunglasses always covering his eyes. He has two-toned hair that appears to be shoulder length with his bangs in a long, single forelock to the side of the head. He often changes his hair color, but the most common appears to be yellow and orange. 

Usually Sholl Kee is depicted with his intrument, a shoulder keyboard. 


Sholl Kee is a musician known for his cool appearance and wild-attitude. He can be stubborn and refuses to ever consider compromising when it comes to his ideals, since he could never forgive himself if he was to do something wrong. 

While commited to his career, Sholl Kee also enjoys taking things nice and easy and often dabbles in relaxing activities; like fishing or going for a drive. 

Recently he has returned from New York as a top artist and has performed with both Timer and Ice before up-rooting everything to the United States. This move was only temporary however, and he returned back to Japan, finding himself captivated by the beautiful nature of his home once more.  


Pop'n Music 1Edit

A plain red shirt worn under a blue jacket with small yellow buttons. His pants are plaind black with matching point-toe shoes and headphones with red accenting. His sunglasses are black and he was seen holding a red shoulder keyboard. His hair here appeared somewhat long and messy. 

Pop'n Music 3Edit

Sholl Kee's hair is shorter in length and he gained a pair of black and green headphones to match his tie and shoulder keyboard. His suit top is still blue but appears different than the one prior, while the shirt underneath is white. His pants and shoes remain the same. 

Pop'n Music 5Edit

Sholl Kee gains back his black and red headphones, while his keytar is now purple. He wears a blue suit top but without the tie, silver pants and boots. 

His recolor has purple and blue hair with a pair of black and silver headphones. His shoulder keyboard is also silver, while his top is dark gray with a black undershirt. The pants and shoes are an alternate shade from the silver normal Sholl Kee wore. 

Pop'n StageEdit

The back part of his hair has become blue. He wears a loose red top with black pants and shoes, a necklace, and a pair of red headphones.

Pop'n Music 12Edit

Here, Sholl Kee has dyed his hair red with the back being orange. His headphones are black with yellow accenting. His outfit is black-themed with a white undershirt. His shoulder keyboard is silver. 

Beatmania Complete MIXEdit

Sholl Kee's hair was red and orange while he wore light blue and bright red attire.


In a random image of him, Sholl Kee wore a white jacket worn open, exposing part of his chest. His headphones were black and green. His shorts are blue. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Quick Master Act Deft J-Tekno PM1
Quick Master Millennium Mix Act Deft/Millennium Project J-Tekno PM4CS
Power Plant Youhei J-Tekno 2 PM5
KOUYOU Youhei J-Soul PM12
Power Plant Youhei PMBH



  • On the website, Sholl Kee's name is spelled as Shoruki.
    • Starting with PM3 his name has been found listed as Shollkee. 
  • Originally Sholl Kee appeared to be less-friendly and has purple skin with green and yellow hair. His attire was also much more colorful. 
  • His name comes from the first syllable of the words 'shoulder' and 'keyboard', a reference to his keytar instrument. 
  • In the Asian-English version of the game, Sholl Kee is renamed Ken. His theme was also spelled as J-Techno, instead of Tekno.
  • Sholl Kee and Ice have the same musical instrument, but while Ice keeps his the same color, Sholl Kee often changes his.
  • Sholl Kee has only revealed his eyes once. It can be seen in Beatmania Complete MIX. 
  • Sholl Kee's name was inspired by his instrument, Shoulder Keyboard.