Shinobian Child
Shinobian Child
Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 12

Shinobian Child is a character who appears in Pop'n Music 12.


Physical AppearanceEdit

She has pale skin and large black oval-shaped eyes worn with a hot pink mask. She has long, bright purple hair pulled into a ponytail held by a hot pink ribbon. Her bangs curl to reveal the center of her forehead and she has very long, curled forelocks reaching her chest.




She wears a pale fuchsia shinobi outfit with a low cut-neck exposing hot pink fishnet mateiral. Around her waist is a bright yellow ribbon held by a hot pink string and tiny bow. On each knee is a heart. She wears hot pink toed boots.

Songs ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Shinobianko wa koi no jumon Sugimoto Kiyotaka feat. Meli(heart)Melo Ninja Heroine PM12



  • On her profile page, the name Ann appears a few times. This may hint at her real name.



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