Shenzhen Ship is a character appearing in the home release version of Pop'n Music 12 with the song "Moonlight
Hua" (TSUKI-KAGE-BANA) by Maruyama Kazuyoshi. The theme is Visual Troubadour.


  • Home Town: Shenzhen
  • Hobbies: Electric shimasen
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes: dry skin

Songs ListEdit

  • PM12: Moonlight Hua (tsuki-kage-bana)


Shenzhen Ship is a very strange, fish-like man with a long tail. He is white and dark gray, with yellow spiked fins resembling hair. His lips are big and red, with what seems to be whiskers/peircings in them. His black eyes are much smaller. He wears a dark gray-black one piece outsfit with spikes coming out of his black boots and a sharp yellow neck/lining of his top. He also has black gloves with spiked wristbands.




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