Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthday December 21st
Birthplace Japan
Likes Her guitar, Shiro-chan!
Dislikes Weak people who smoke, Getting lost
Hobbies Playing the guitar, singing
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 1

Sanae-chan is a character from Pop'n Music 1. She is the best friend of Rie-chan.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Sanae-chan is a pale skinned girl with very dark brown, or black eyes with dark brown hair. She normally wears it loose and it appears to be curly.

She can usually be found in outfits matching Rie-chan's, but not always. 


Sanae-chan is a musical girl who loves to sing; while Rie-chan persues fashion, Sanae-chan's passion has always been music. The two girls often go shopping together or out for Karaoke on free days. She also works with Rie-chan at Pop'n Cafe, and has recently began to knit and teach others.

Sanae-chan loves to play her guitar and can usually be found walking around while playing it without a care in the world. She appears to be serious with her music, in that she is often more-than-not doing something related to it. She uses any time she can to practice, and even managed to convince Rie-chan to learn the guitar too. 

While Sanae-chan appears to be shy and quieter than Rie-chan, she is also the one who is bold and encourages her best friend to follow through with her ideas or plans. Such as when they made a song about Rie-chan's feelings for Sugi-kun. It had been made as a birthday present and before giving it to him, Rie-chan would stress out and question if this was a good idea or not. 

During the winter, Sanae-chan can be found tending to plants. During this time she finds herself beginning to enjoy warm weather than she had before. 


Pop'n Music 1Edit

Sanae-chan wears an off-white top over a white long sleeved shirt and a dark pink skirt. Her beret and bracelet are dark pink, while she wears dark pink maryjane shoes with dark raspberry bottom and dark red socks. 

Pop'n Music 2Edit

Here Sanae-chan's hair and eye coloring seems to be darker. Her hair has gained a little more volume to it and is worn with white sunglasses that have sky blue lense. She wears a blue long sleeved shirt under a sky blue T-shirt and dark blue skirt. Her shoes are simple white boots with sky blue bottoms and black socks. 

Pop'n Music 3Edit

Sanae-chan's wears a blue and pale blue cowgirl dress with dull raspberry cowboy boots with beige-brown accenting. Around her neck is a dull raspberry neckerchief and a tan cowboy hat. 

Pop'n Music 4Edit

Here, Sanae-chan's hair is slightly lighter while her eyes remain black. She wears a very pale blue dress resembling a school uniform with royal blue pockets and collar. The shirt worn underneath of this is dark blue, while her skirt is a raspberry color. She has purple-black maryane shoes with thin straps around her ankles. On her head she wears a dull red beret. 

Pop'n Music 5Edit

Her outfit consists of a light cream sweater worn with a gray-beige skirt, dark blue leggings, and dark red-brown flats with cream bottom. Her scarf is white, while she has two yellow clips in her hair. 

Her recolor has light brown hair with bright, red-brown eyes and wears pink, brown, and yellow colors.

Pop'n Music 7Edit

A long cream coat with fur trim and dark buttons. Her cap matches the jacket, while a light reddish-pink scarf is wrapped around her neck. Under her jacket she has on a long red skirt with dark blue boots.

Pop'n Music 8 Edit

A pale shirt with elbow-length sleeves and a green floral piece at the neck to match the beret she wore. Her skirt is lime green with a segment on the top being yellow and green striped. Her leggings are pale in color, while her shoes are green flats with lighter color underneath. 

An alternate version of this is seen in black and purple. 

Pop'n Music 9Edit

A blue dress with long sleeves and skirt composed of wavy sapphire, white, pale blue, and purple-indigo lines. She also has on dull blue leggings and white flats with black bottoms and tiny blue pieces at the toe, matching her white hair cap. 

Another outfit she wears resembles her Pop'n Music 5 Costume. 

Pop'n Music 11Edit

Here Sanae-chan chose to wear a powder blue shirt with a long pastel pink skirt worn with a white apron. Her leggings are gray while her shoes are simple purple flats. She wears a white frilly cloth on the top of her hair held with pale pink clips. 


Sanae-chan has pulled her hair into low, curly pigtails at the bottom of her head. She wears a pale brown sleeve-less dress with three brown lines tracing the bottom with a single musical note on it. The dress is worn over a white blouse, maching her tights and black mary-jane shoes. On the top of her head is a pale brown beret with a single, white fuzzy pom-pom.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Surechigau Futari (Two People Pass Each Other) (In English: Love Passes By) Apresmidi Bonus Track PM1
Hikari no Kisetsu (Seasonal Light) ANNA Mellow PM2
Hachigatsu no Sayonara (Goodbye August) Apresmidi Lovely PM3
birds Sana Ambient PM4
Une fill dans la pluie Japanese Ver. Vocal by Sanae Shintani. Composed by Hiroshi Takeyasu French Pop J PM5
White Lovers Sanae Shintani Winter Pop PM7
Homesick Pt 2 & 3 Orangenoise Shortcut Softrock Long PM8
Secret Tale Dj Nagureo feat. Sanae Shintani Soft Rock PM9
Une fill dans la pluie Sanae Shintani and Hiroshi Takeyasu French J Pop Long PM9
Bonjour Tristesse Sana Maison PM11
Parade Sanae Shintani Parade PM13
Birds, Une fille dans la pluie Apresmidi, Sanae Shintani and Hiroshi Takeyasu Ambient, French J Pop PMBH


Pop'n Music 1Edit

  • All of her animations matched Rie-chan's.

Pop'n Music 2Edit

  • Same as in the previous game.
  • Dances side by side with her arms on her back.

Pop'n Music 3Edit

  • Sanae-Chan will stand and play her guitar.
  • Turns to the side while playing guitar.
  • Makes the heart shape with her fingers.
  • When doing bad she lowers her guitar and pouts
  • Sanae-chan plays her guitar alone.
  • Sanae-chan is seen with a boy while playing her guitar.
  • Similiar to the above, but this time they make hand shapes to each other.

Pop'n Music 4Edit

  • Sanae-Chan waves to the screen.
  • Sanae-chan makes the heart shape with her fingers.
  • When doing bad she'll remove her hat.
  • Hop up and wave, much like in the first two games.

Pop'n Music 9Edit

  • Marches in place just like Rie.
  • A miss causes her to put her finger to her lips.

Pop'n Music 13Edit

  • Conducts a bunch of other characters for her fever animation.


  • Until Pop'n Music 5, Sanae-chan wore the exact same outits as Rie-chan. 
  • While Rie-chan likes Sugi-kun but lost him in July 1st, 2017 on the Crash of Orange Airlines Flight 414 (Boeing 747-400), it is unknown if she likes Reo-kun but Reo-kun, Sugi-kun and Alice died in July 1st, 2017 on the Crash of Orange Airlines Flight 414 (Boeing 747-400).
  • The character Sanae-chan is based on a younger version of a real woman named Sanae Shintani, who is a vocalist in many songs from the BEMANI games.
  • During Pop'n Music 6 Sanae-chan makes a cameo during the WIN/MISS animations during the song Pop'n Ondo.
  • In the Asian-English version of pop'n music 1, her name is Jacqui
  • Originally the background during Sanae-chan's stage depicted part of a naked woman. It was modified for the CS version
  • Sanae-chan will be played as Gilleece the Train Conductor on Pop'n Music Unstoppable The Movie!