S.B. Taro
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Dog
Birthplace Oedo Star
Likes Dumplings, Shaved Ice - especially the kind from Okon-chan's Shop!
Dislikes Onions
Hobbies Playing with the children in the Tenement
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 2

 S.8.Taro is a character in Pop'n Music. He has a crush on Okon-chan, who seems to return the feelings. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

S.B. Taro is a pale yellow pup with chocolate-colored tail, eyes, ears, and hair. He has a tiny black button nose. He is often found with his bone-sword and doggy shield. 


An efficient little pup who usually spends his time playing with children. He can be shy and a bit goofy when it comes to his crush on Okon, and somehow spends a lot of money there to see her. 


S.B. Taro wears a pale blue kimono-like outfit with a dark blue trim and white around the waist. His shoes/socks are black with a toe shaping.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Edo Shower of Blossom Takata Kaori Enka PM2
Ai says Aikotoba Manager and Mami Karaoke PM4


Pop'n Music 2Edit

  • Raises his arms one after another.
  • Shoots a disc like a shuriken.
  • When doing great he is seen with Okon-chan, who is holding a cup of tea.
  • When doing good Okon-chan appears to be thinking of S. B. Taro.
  • When doing bad he is bowing down, crying, while Okon-chan tries to comfort him.
  • When the gauge is full he is seen with a defeated ninja. Okon-chan appears and kisses S. B. Taro.