Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 6
 Roku is a Pop'n Music Character. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

A fair-skinned young man with red eyes and spiked blue hair. 


Secretly Roku goes around the world with his sword as the Hip Rock Samurai. He leaves behind a written note each place he visits. Popular for collectors of calligraphy.

"The sound, as soon as possible, is the correct word. The word, as soon as possible, is the correct sound."


PM6 Edit

A simple white robe with black accenting to match his sandals. He has two earrings in each ear and wears a pair of headphones around his neck that are red and black. He also has on a black necklace. 


Roku wears a gray to black gradient robe with a black rope around the center with a single, thin dark red line around the center. His sandals are more visible here and his headphones are now silver. He carries a dark red paper umbrella. 


A white robe with a purple spider and web theme on the bottom portion. His sandal straps are now purple, while his necklace remains the same. His headphones gain purple accenting. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Daikenkai PM6
Dandandou, Daikenkai Des - Row Hip Rock 2, Hip Rock Long PM9
Large View PMBH
Setsujou Danka Des - Row Hip Rock 3 PM12







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