Character Information
Species Robotic Animals
Birthplace Pop'n Lab Super-Computer
Likes Dark Places (because they are more noticeable)
Dislikes Lights that are Too Bright
Hobbies Street Dance Battle
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 9

Robitz (Robittsu) is one of the bonus characters present in Pop'n Music 9.



They are thee, small cute robotic pets. One is a brown monkey with green eyes and white textures on the chest with red on top of it and orange texture in his mouth. His mouth and eyes ouside are pale green.

There is also a grey koala with green textures on his chest on top of the white. His muzzle is pale blue, while his eyes are blue.

The last is a blue elephant wearing an orange shirt to match his inner eye color. His eyes appear dark teal.


Super kawaii Electronic pets. They're great at dancing, but they are not very useful besides that. They were made to collect current technology without becoming retro.

Songs ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Kaleidoscope Asparagus Infinity PM9




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