Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthday February 14th
Birthplace Japan
Likes Cheesecake, Cute American outfits
Dislikes Nothing yet~!
Hobbies Scooter riding, Shopping, Designing clothes, Collecting Records, Guitar
First Appearance

Rie-Chan is a character in Pop'n Music. She can often be found with her best friend, Sanae-chan.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Rie-chan is a fair-skinned girl with small black eyes. She has medium-length, curly-puffed hair that is light auburn. 


Rie-chan is a feminine, kind teenager with a career in fashion. She is studying at a design school and as an eighteen year old she has many interests of a normal teen. Including collecting records (mainly british rock music of the 80s), shopping.  

As she is best friends with Sanae-chan, Rie-chan can usually be found with her. They share all of the same interests, but it can be implied that sometimes Sanae-chan has to encourage Rie-chan to follow through with things. Such as when she convinced her to take up the guitar, since they thought it would impress Sugi-kun. 

Although she may be a teen, Rie-chan has a very active lifestyle and is up for anything. She has been working on her own fashion brand, Natural Bear, working at Pop'n Cafe baking cakes and other sweets, and even taking trips to Paris. 


Pop'n Music 1Edit

Rie-chan originally wore a White shirt with a single heart the front over a long sky blue shirt and a dark green skirt with red lines on it. Her shoes were simply maryjane shoes of red-raspberry to match her red beret and bracelet. Her socks are plain black. 

Pop'n Music 2Edit

Rie-chan's hair has become caramel-orange in color and gains a bit more shape. She wears a pair of red sunglasses on her head with pink lenses. Her outfit is composed of a fuchsia top worn under a loose white T-shirt with lime neck and heart on the corner. Her skirt is dark blue denim, while her shoes have become tall red and white boots worn with red socks that have stripes of white and black. 

Pop'n Music 3Edit

Rie-chan's hair appears to be somewhat smaller and more curled here, with a pale brown cowboy hat and white hair clip in it. She wears a white dress with pale pink sleeves and accenting, along with a red neckerchief and red cowboy boots with pale brown detail. 

In an alternate picture, Rie-chan was shown wearing a pale pink top with white skirt, below the knee socks in black, and tall brown boots. Over the outfit was a pale beige jacket with pale cream fur trim. She did not wear her cowboy hat with this look. 

Pop'n Music 4Edit

Here, Rie-chan's hair and eyes have become a rusted-brown color. She wears a raspberry beret on her head. Her outfit is composed of a pale pink dress inspired by a girl school uniform, with the collar, accenting, and heart image a mauve color. Under the dress she has on a dark blue, long sleeved shirt. Her socks are still black, while she gains beige clogs. 

For her beta design, Rie-chan wore a light pink sweater with white sleeves and a small heart depicted on the center. Along with a pair of dark blue short-shorts, brown boots, and a dark hairclip. 

Pop'n Music 5Edit

Rie-chan's hair has been bald. She wears a cold gray Hoodie with five dark red spots on seven arms and pocket, and a white heart on the side. Her denim skirt has fringe lining the bottom, while her shoes consist of white flats with red bottom. On her toes is a pair of yellow and orange earmuffs with red strap.

my favorite part rie chan shaking her booty  

the star on the corner has become black. Her skirt is a dark sapphire in color, while the socks have become azure-blue and shoes white with tan-brown bottoms. Her earmufs are brown and red-themed.  she takes off her shoes and kick sanae chan right in the face. she will never share.she eats poop,scootch her booty,farts on mimi and have a food fight with her friends and fiends

Pop'n Music 7Edit

With her hair somewhat puffy again, Rie-chan has began to wear it with a red hair bow. Her outfit consists of a light blue jacket with buttons and frilly lining, while her skirt is a two layer with white on the bottom and diagonal lines on it. A pink and white skirt portion is on top of this layer. Her shoes are tall red boots.

Pop'n Music 8Edit

Rie-chan's skin appears to be slightly tanned. She wears a white and red striped shirt with a pink scarf around her neck, a gray pleat skirt, black knee socks, and red flats with light brown underneath. On her head is a dark blue beret.

Pop'n Music 9Edit

Rie-chan wears part of her hair back with yellow clips and a white cloth with fuchsia lining. Her uniform is composed of a white top with writing on it, a fuchsia collar, and fuchsia sleeves. Her skirt is multiple colors of blue with fuchsia accenting. Around her waist is a khaki-tan apron with a single line of red and yellow. Her pantyhose are gray, while she's gone back to wearing her red maryjane shoes. 

Pop'n Music 11Edit

Here Rie-chan has began to expiriment with her hair. She has pulled it up into a pair of fluffy pigtails held by a white clip. Her bangs remain the same and over her eyes are a pair of translucent yellow lense glasses. Her outfit is a red sleeveless dress with white collar and bottom piping. She also has blue themed pants/leggings and gray and white sneakers. She carries a small white purse witha pink flower depicted on it. 

Pop'n Music 13Edit

Rie-chan keeps her hair pulled into a fluffy ponytail, now held by a dark fuchsia clip. She wears a top vaguely similar to her original shirts, one that is white on top of a lime green, long-sleeved shirt with a matching R (for the word Respect) on the side of the chest. She has on a pair of short brown shorts and tall red and white sneaker-styled boots. Around her neck is a fuchia cloth.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Love is strong to the Sky Saori Girly PM2
Take me to.... Sana Guitar Pop PM3
Love is a Natural Natural Bear Coquettish PM4
Homesick Pt 2 & 3 ORANGENOISE SHORTCUT Soft Rock PM5
Dimanche Orange Lounge Lounge Pop PM7
Marine Drive Oh, La, La! Piano Rock PM8
Goodbye Chocolate Kiss Lab Pop Orange Choco Pop PM9
Orange Air-Line Orange Lounge Air Port PM11
Door to the Sky CHARMAINE Glide PM13
I REALLY WANT TO HURT YOU, I REALLY WANT TO HURT YOU ~ We are the Perfect, Homesick Pt 2 & 3 (and remix) PMBH
Little Rock Overture Little Rock PM16
Twin Trip Mika & Rika Girls' Country PM18


Pop'n Music 1Edit

  • Normal - Dances side to side with her hands up
  • Miss - Cries while sucking her finger. 
  • Good - Rie-chan will hop into the air. 

Pop'n Music 2Edit

  • Normal - Side to side with her arms behind her back. 

Pop'n Music 8Edit

  • Normal - Sways side to side.
  • Great - Makes a heart with her hands.
  • Fever - Plays a small toy piano.

Pop'n Music 9Edit

  • Normal - Marches in place.
  • Great - Turns around, smiles, and hearts surround her.
  • Fever - Makes two heart hand gestures, one to the right and one to the left.


  • In Pop'n Music 11, Rie-chan's dress matches the iconic outfit worn by Amy Rose The Hedgehog, from the Sonic The Hedgehog series. 
    • Also note how Sugi and Sanae both have S' names, while Rie and Reo both have R names.
  • Rie-chan's name can translate as "Blessed with Logic". 
  • Rie-chan and Sanae-chan did not begin to develope unique designs until Pop'n Music 5.
  • Rie-chan's favorite clothing brand is called GirlyCandy.
  • In an English translation she was renamed Carrie.