Rave Girl
Rave Girl
Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthplace ?
Likes ?
Dislikes ?
Hobbies Dance?
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 1

 Rave Girl is an elusive character of Pop'n Music who will usually be encountered on hard difficulty settings or unlocked. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Rave Girl is a mysterious, dark skinned girl with black hair and eyes. She is often covered in colorful lights and happens to resemble Mary and Tourmaline.


A mysterious girl with hardly a thing to be known about. She comes out every Saturday at the clubs to dance the night away and has met with Tourmaline at some point. She is widely known for becoming a legendary girl who manages to steal the hearts of everyone who watches her dance. 


Pop'n Music 1Edit

Rave Girl looks exactly like Mary, but with darker coloring and red-pink lining all over her body. 

Pop'n Music 2Edit

Rave Girl has become monotone with black and white, gray-scale coloring. 

Pop'n Music 3Edit

She wears a black and gray variant of Mary's clothing. Her skin appears to be a light brown while her hair and eyes are light black. She has dark red lining to show more facial detailing. 

Pop'n Music 4Edit

Here, Rave Girl has a solid black themed coloring, minus her dark brown skin and gold earrings. Her outline is now bright red, while her shirt appears a solid color, instead of having detail on it.

Pop'n Music 7Edit

A black theme with red lining and her same jewelry from her previous appearance.  

Pop'n Music 9 Edit

Rave Girl has chosen to take a blue-theme instead of red. She is shown wearing a black top with tight black pants worn with a diagonal cut blue cloth and blue heels with black toe. She also has on a black bracelet and a pair of hoop earrings and a belly-button ring. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
E-motion E.O.S. Rave PM1
*see above PM2
Till the end of time Julianne and Edison Dance Pop PM3
Tap'n! Slap'n! Pop'n Music! Popper Head Ending Special Song PM4
Ending Theme of Pop'n Music 6 Original Ceder Special Ending 2 PM7


Pop'n 1Edit

  • Her animations are the same as Mary's


  • Same as above


  • Same as above


  • Her profile name is wrote as Reivugaru.
  • In the first game, her background is an image of the play area in beatmania. In PM2 she shares the same background with Tourmaline.