Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Likes Her twin Sister
Dislikes Having Tea with her Aunt
Hobbies Imagining Fun things
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 10

Ratte* is a new character who appears in Pop'n Music 10. She is the twin sister of Lotte.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Ratte resembles her twin sister. She has pale-fair skin and big cyan eyes with tiny eyelashes. She has long, pale brown hair with a small amount of it pulled into long, sharp pigtails. She wears a white maid brim with a very tiny pink bow on the side. She wears pink lipstick.


Between the twins, Ratte appears to be the friendly, girly one. She is very busy and often spends her time working, cleaning house or tending to guests. She is somewhat terrified of her Aunt and doesn't really enjoy her company so her time is spent daydreaming of a Prince to sweep her up and take her away.


PM10 and PM13Edit

Ratte wears a pale, ice blue sleeve-less dress with a white apron tied around her waist with a frilly bow. Her tights are very pale yellow, while her shoes are magenta.

Songs ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game

Everyday's Raburedei

(Everyday's A Lovely Day)

Togo-Chef feat. Sana Twinkle Song PM10 and PM13



  • Her name, along with her twin sisters name is based on the Latte Drink.
  • Ratte is the first character to have the exact same design and image used in the previous game they were in.
    • Ash was the first character featured with this, but his image was changed to brighten it up. While Ratte's was unmodified at all. 


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