Character Information
Gender Female
Species Bunny
Birthplace Japan
Likes Teddy Bears
Dislikes Nothing at all!
Hobbies Sewing
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 1

 Pretty is a character who appears in the CS version of Pop'n Music 1. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Pretty is a light pink bunny girl with a rectangular head. She has a very simplified expression composed of a cute smile and big black eyes. 


Pretty often spends her time dreaming about her favorite memories. She is a plush bunny toy loved by all with the wish to befriend a real Bear some day - as she loves teddy bears. Until then she is happy bringing her plush doll everywhere with her instead. 


Pop'n Music 1Edit

A pale yellow dress with light orange polka-dot print. The collar is white to match the ruffles lining the bottom of the skirt. She also has on tall brown boots and a red flower on her ear. 

This design was also used during her next appearance.

Pop'n Music 7Edit

Pretty wears a bright red jacket with a short, dark blue pleated skirt and tall brown boots. On her ear is a red flower.

Pop'n Music 10Edit

Pretty appears in one of the songs for Hamanov wearing a cute white dress and matching beret and shoes. She had on blue-gray stockings. 

Pop'n Music Best HitsEdit

Pretty takes on a cute gardener design, wearing a red polka dot dress with a frilled white apron on top. She also has on white pantyhose/stockings, white bloomers, and red flats. On the left side of her head she wears a pale colored sunhat with small flowers decorating it.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Life Haya-P and Maru J-Pop PM1
Swish Natural Bear Precious PM7
Sweets * Instrumental Private States Precious Enchore PM10
Life Haya-P and Maru J-Pop PMBH



  • As she is a living plush doll, it is unknown if Pretty was a toy who came to life, or born like this naturally. 
  • She appears to be a fan of The KING in Pop'n Music 1.




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