Character Information
Gender Female
Species Anthro Cat, Anthro Rabbit
Birthplace Japan
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 2

 Poppers is a special duo of characters, Nyami and Mimi, put together for special songs in the Pop'n Music Games. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Both Mimi and Nyami happen to look-alike. They are pale cream anthro animals, one a rabbit, and the other a cat, with large green eyes and long brown hair worn in low braided pigtails. 


For information about Nyami, click here.

For information about Mimi, click here.


PM2 and PM10Edit

A white top with red sleeves and a big blue star at the center of the chest. Comes with baggy, bright blue denim pants and sneakers of black and white. 


Here the girls wear yellow shirts with denim pants and sneakers. 


Nyami and Mimi wear their Pop'n Music Carnival Jester outfits.

Pop'n Music StageEdit

A white button T-shirt with two red stripes on each sleeve and collar. Along with their same pants and shoes. 

Song ListEdit

Game Artist Theme Game
Theme of Staff Roll ~Special Mix~ Live PM2
I REALLY WANT TO HURT YOU (Instrumental) Q-Mex Pops Encore PM9
Sea Side City Kiss Summer Sisters Surfy PM10
Pop'n Carnival March Tomosuke Marching Band Carnival PM13
A LOVE WE NEVER KNEW Julianne & Edison House PMStage


Pop'n Music 2Edit

  • Same animation as their individual characters.

Pop'n Music 10Edit

  • Recycled sprites from PM2.

Pop'n Music 13Edit


  • The voice samples heard in the beginning of the song, "Theme of Staff Roll ~special mix~" are directly taken from the first Pop'n Music arcade game.
  • In PM9, the theme is misspelled as ENCHOLE. The home version of PM10 corrected the spelling as ENCORE.




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