Pop'n music gb

Title screen of the game.

Pop'n Music GB was released in 2000 for the Game Boy Color. It shares the same game play as Pop'n Music, but has only 5 buttons, and there is only one character shown per stage. Since the game is in 8-bit, the songs don't sound exactly the same as their arcade counterparts.

It has four main modes: Arcade, Original, Free, and Versus. In Arcade mode, you get to choose to select 4 modes namely: Beginner, Normal, Excite, or Survival. In Original mode, you get to choose 2 modes namely: Normal or Another.

There is also a password feature that unlocks a certain song during Free mode. The password can be given by completing the game well, and is based on the mode selected. A password can only be used one at a time (when you use another password, you will unlock a new song but the previous unlocked song will be locked again).

For more information of characters please view their pages.

Song and Character ListEdit

The characters in this list are the ones who appear during gameplay.
Pop'n Music GB (Japan) 01

Arcade mode

Pop'n Music GB (Japan) 03

Original Mode

Pop'n Music GB (Japan)

Free Mode

Arcade ModeEdit


  • I REALLY WANT TO HURT YOU (POPS) (chara: Rie-chan)
  • Life (J-POP) (chara: Pretty)


  • el pais del sol (LATIN) (chara: Don Mommy)
  • quick master (J-TEKNO) (chara: Sholl Kee)
  • monde des songe (FANTASY) (chara: Dino)
  • PULSE (FUNNY) (chara: Boy) (NORMAL)
  • Miracle Moon (J-GARAGE POP) (chara: Kelly) (EXCITE)
  • 愛を探そう (J-R&B2) (chara: Tourmaline) (EXCITE)


  • what i want (euro mix) (EURO DANCE) (chara: Koko)
  • 走れブン!ブン!(NEW FOLK) (chara: Flower) (NORMAL)
  • Get on that train (JAZZY) (chara: Charly) (NORMAL)
  • 赤いリンゴ(GROOVE ROCK) (chara: Pepper) (NORMAL)
  • 取り返してやる!~Again,My Lovely Day~ (CUTE) (chara: Anzu) (EXCITE)
  • 和称一起走 (KANGTONG) (chara: LingLing) (EXCITE)
  • シャバダ! de ジルバ!(ROCKABILLY) (chara: Jennifer) (EXCITE)

Original ModeEdit

  • White Lovers (WINTER POP) (chara: Sanae-chan)
  • HOLIDAY (RAKUGAKIDS) (chara: Bear Tank)
  • No More I Love You (NUDY) (chara: Judy)
  • Troika Dance (RUSSIA) (chara: Kraft)
  • くちうるさいママ (MOTOR 5) (chara: Mary) (NORMAL)
  • dandelion (FOLK SONG) (chara: Mimi-chan) (NORMAL)
  • 消えた?ナポレオン (GANG) (chara: Kid) (NORMAL)
  • Sea Side City (SURFY) (chara: Nyami-chan) (ANOTHER)
  • テキサスのガンマン (WESTERN) (chara: The KING) (ANOTHER)
  • ラブアコーディオン (ROMANESQUE) (chara: Candy) (ANOTHER)


  • Sholl Kee is the only character in the game who has an animated background during the GREAT animation.
  • Sanae-chan looks like a recolor of Rie-chan, and has brown hair instead of black hair.
  • Kid looks like a recolor of Boy. However, his appearance in the arcade is entirely different.