Released on Feburary 27th, 2003. Pop'n Music best Hits was a game that served as a mixup of the previous games
Group Shot Best

How many characters do you recognize~?

up to this point. This game was released around the time of Pop'n Music 10.

This game has picked only the finest/funnest Pop'n Music songs for you to enjoy~!

It has songs from Pop'n Music 1 through Pop'n Music 6. Along with new songs created just for it, and two sub categories.

Character ListEdit

Song ListEdit


  • I really want to hurt you
  • Young Dream
  • FUNKY TOWN '75


  • (Fly higher then) the stars
  • ROSE Lover~, Somare in Pink
  • Give me your pain
  • Miracle Moon (Relay station the Moon)
  • Lonely Loneliness


  • Sun Kazuki - propelled
  • penguin


  • Transparent nail polish
  • Over The Rainbow
  • Cry Out
  • birds
  • You want to break
  • ostin-art
  • Song of the specter Z
  • Dangerous woman
  • Concertare


  • Nishi - cleaning song
  • power plant
  • Pink Rose
  • Shock of Love
  • une fille dans la pluie
  • Then
  • Homesick Pt.2 & 3
  • Magic Door (Theme of Space Mako)
  • Slow Down


  • Large View
  • Foundation of our love
  • Usual Days
  • H@ppy Choice
  • You to run though, Hurry up!
  • lasting
  • I sad

TV MusicEdit

  • Point theme of laughs
  • Lupin III Theme '78
  • Candy Candy
  • Song of the Yatterman
  • Road of dawn


  • I really want to hurt you ~ We are the perfect
  • fly higher (then the stars)
  • Miracle Moon ~LED Light Style Mix~
  • Transparent nail polish moonlit mix
  • Cry out (Superior Mix)
  • une fille dans la pluie
  • Homesick Pt.2 & 3

Pop'n Music Best Hits!Edit

  • Life
  • I'll reclaim ~Again my lovely day~
  • Water Melon Woman
  • GALAXY FOREST 11.6 & 12
  • Invisible Lover


  • On the cover and in game, Nyami and Mimi both dress up as Simon from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Later, Mimi also dresses up as Kamina.


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