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Pop'n Music 8 is a game in Pop'n Music. It was released in 2002 for the PS2 and Arcade. It has less courses then the previous game but introduces more character and songs. Players can also use the BEAT Modifier, which makes the keys look like the one's from Beatmania. There was also a challenging new modifier known as SUDDEN. 


Characters added to the home versionEdit

Song ListEdit

  • 0/1 Angel
  • Can't stop my Love
  • Touch
  • Space Chief Gavan
  • Aphrodisiac ever named
  • honohono
  • theme of Pop'n Land
  • Have a Dream
  • Hero
  • Burning Hero
  • Just over the Demon World
  • Thunderbird
  • Tangeline
  • Tsu Company in the cotton system
  • LAN
  • Tir na n'OG
  • Marine Drive
  • Chase! Chase! Chase!
  • Miracle 4
  • Catch of Love
  • Indo Japan Plus
  • Ninjahiroshinobian
  • Late Riser
  • Over the Night
  • 07*07*07*
  • Marigold
  • <3 Love ~ Sugar <3
  • Fashion ~Ver 1.~
  • pure
  • Linus
  • 321 Stars
  • Cassandra
  • Jet World
  • ManhattanSportsClub
  • Shiritori
  • Massara
  • Lover's High
  • Wall Street down-sizer
  • Sci-Fi Girl
  • Feux d'artifica
  • une lettle de mon copain
  • Buddha
  • 100sec. Kitchen Battle!

Songs added for home releaseEdit

  • Rings on the water
  • (kanji for BeiLei's song)
  • And smile with you...
  • School life
  • Silent green
  • MILK
  • Spring
  • Beyond the bounds
  • Time bomb pink
  • Please contact our tocho
  • Romance


  • Sanae-Chan is seen holding a Mimi plush doll in some of the game art. 
  • Pop'n Music 8 was the first game to have it's theme and layout match. For example, in this game, it's Spring.


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