Pop'n Music 6

Release Date


Character Count

23 (Arcade)

32 (Console)

Song Count

No information

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Pop'n Music 5

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Pop'n Music 7

 Pop'n Music 6 was released in 2001 for Arcade and Playstation. It introduced new characters and songs, including various character roles for Nyami and Mimi. 

This game also introduced Courses, which is a feature grouping songs together that have to be played in a row by a specific theme. 

Character ListEdit

Characters added to home versionEdit

Song ListEdit

  • Lucifer
  • A love we never knew
  • I am Rock 'n' Roll King
  • Over the hill
  • Chagunhenboku
  • Midnight Yoghurt (Battle of escape sexy go-go girl SPY)
  • Ultra Boy
  • Sunlight
  • Enchanted spell Spell on me
  • March Marshmellow
  • Bubble Bagpipe Hour
  • Micro Dream
  • Ska ska No.3
  • H@ppy Choice
  • Gotta Get My Groove On
  • Unexpected run to kick you, hurry up!
  • Foundation of our love
  • Large View
  • Bruce ambition of evil

Songs added to home versionEdit

  • Lasting
  • Tonight, through the wood
  • Maritare!
  • Seal
  • Milk went to Mon
  • I sad

Expert Course listEdit

  • Parquets
  • Night in Shining Armor
  • Neo Aco
  • Japanese
  • Euro
  • Club
  • Christmas Eve
  • 1 course selection
  • 2 course selection
  • 6 courses help
  • History

Secret Expert Course listEdit

  • Sana Course
  • Gambler Course
  • Girl Course
  • World Course
  • Rock Course
  • Animation Course
  • Power Course
  • Secret Course
  • Great Escape Course
  • Hell Course



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