Pop'n Music 5
Start screen

Release Date

2000 (Arcade, Playstation)

Character Count

31 (Arcade)


Song Count

No information

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Pop'n Music 4

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Pop'n Music 6

 Pop'n Music 5 is a game in the Pop'n Music series. It was the first game not to appear on Dreamcast, and it was also the first game to feature Nyami and Mimi not being player characters. 

Character listEdit

Added Characters to the Home versionEdit

Song listEdit

  • Kuchibiru
  • Power Plant
  • Cleaning Song Nishishinyuku
  • I love you - I'll defend to protect
  • Une fille dans la plue
  • Squadron Poppunfaibu Bimani
  • Brother Tempura
  • Ti Voglio bene ancora
  • In a Grow
  • Shock of Love
  • SICLLIANA "Theme"
  • Viva! 2000
  • Ultra High Heels ~ I JUST WANNA TELL YOU
  • Homesick pt.2 & 3
  • Even if I got
  • The Rising Tsumeru
  • Magic Door (Theme from Space Maco)
  • "Musical Story" 5-Chome "Overture from"
  • Shower of Blossom Edo Tayan-Day Mix
  • fly higher (then the stars) 2-step mix
  • "Un fille dans le plue" Japenese Version
  • I love you - I'll defend to protect

Songs added to the home versionEdit

  • Harvest Moon
  • Landmark
  • Drivin 'High
  • First Step
  • Sweaty Guys
  • Step in Space
  • Do-it-yourself
  • Ing Youth
  • Shooting Star
  • Ripe Flower
  • Escapes from your Love
  • Sana Morette Ne Ente-
  • Pink Rose
  • Slow Down
  • Then

Beta CharactersEdit

  1. Based on a father
  2. A ballet girl
  3. Dia's appearence if she was to appear in PM5
  4. A Punk whose gender is ambigious
  5. Bambi and a baby
  6. Karen Prototype
  7. A horse
  8. A girl
  9. Nyami's beta pm5 design
  10. Dino as he was to appear in PM5
  11. Masters previous designs
  12. Timer's beta design before he was cut from the game
  13. Three designs of Rie-chan.
  14. A battle nurse
  15. A sexy cat girl/cat thief
  16. Alien
  17. A wrestler
  18. A cowgirl
  19. The boy who cried wolf
  20. A chef
  21. graduating boy
  22. An american girl, assumed to be named Patty
  23. Perhaps based on disco movies
  24. A rubber chibi bunny
  25. Tamako's previous design
  26. Old designs of MR.KK
  27. Bell's previous design


  • The song, Squadron Poppunfaibu Bimani means: Squadron/squad Pop'n 5 Bemani. Bemani is the name of Konami's line of music rhythm games and musical instrument simulation games. The name Bemani came from it's very first game in the line, beatmania.