Pop'n Music 3
Case 3

Release Date

1999 (Arcade)


23 (Arcade)

28 (Playstation)

Song Count


25 (Home Ver)

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Pop'n Music 2

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Pop'n Music 4

 Pop'n Music 3 was released in 1999. A CS Append disc of this game was released in 2000 for the Sony Playstation and Sega Dreamcast. The characters from the arcade version were all designed by INUCHIYO.

It introduced the new HYPER MODE, which consists of different sets of songs with a harder pattern. The gauge starts at full and cannot be replenished (as opposed to the gauge starting empty). It is also the first game to use the combo system.

Character ListEdit

Characters added for home releaseEdit

Song ListEdit

  • Koi no Charade
  • Take me to....
  • Bit of Love
  • Woneiya Heichau
  • Suichuu Kazoku no Theme
  • Let me feel so High
  • Little Robin's drawer
  • peppermint
  • Uchuusen Q-Mex
  • Till the End of Time
  • un-Balance
  • Nan ka hen da!
  • Ai wo sagasou
  • Hachigatsu no sayonara
  • LaLaLa

Songs in the home release versionEdit

  • Get on that train
  • Akai Ringo
  • Penguin
  • Bokutachi no Keikaku
  • Shabada! De Jitterbug!
  • Kimi o Daikishimetai!
  • Dynamics
  • Streams
  • Candy Blue

Previous Character designsEdit

Below are Beta Character designs. Only small bits of info was revealed about them. 

  • Palette: A cute squirrel girl. Possibly a early form of LingLing
  • Maron: A fashionable girl who may have been the early form of Dia.
  • Johne: A puppy boy
  • Miki: An early form of Megumi.
  • Yuka: She was made at the same time as Megumi, A child or a trendy little witch~?

Other Beta CharactersEdit

  • A non-rival Native-American girl named Bikky. 
  • Tomoko, who was scrapped for being "too normal" by the staff. 
  • Kaiser, a lion who was kept out despite being well-received by the staff. 
  • A chicken-man who was rejected for being too tedious. 


  • This game features the least amount of Beta characters, with 24 found in the first, and 22 in the second.
  • The announcer in the previous two games was replaced starting with this game. The new announcer would last until Pop'n Music 9.
  • This was the last game to run on the BEMANI DJ-MAIN HARDWARE arcade system.
  • The text that shows the theme/genre of the song in the song title screen had a reduced resolution. However, this was not done in the CS version of the game.
  • Due to licensing issues, "Bit of love", "let me feel so high", and "ENDLESS SUMMER NUDE" were not released on the Pop'n Music 3 OST and the CS version of the game.
    • "Bit of Love" and "Let Me Feel So High" were released in the CS version of Pop'n Music 4. "ENDLESS SUMMER NUDE" never appeared in any subsequent pop'n music game.