Pop'n Music 2
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Release Date

1999 (Arcade)


20 (Arcade)

29 (Playstation)

Song Count

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Pop'n Music 1

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Pop'n Music 3


Pop'n Music 2 was the next game in the Pop'n Music Franchise. It came out in 1999 for the Arcade. A while later it received a Playstation variant.

While songs from the previous installment were still present in this one, several new songs were added. The characters were designed by P-CAT.

This installment introduces the new PARTY mode, where several icons appear on the gameplay screen as well as pop-kun notes. Each of the special icons can activate a certain handicap (except for the heart icon which gives a Gauge Up) that lasts for several seconds. 

Character listEdit

Characters added to the home versionEdit

Song ListEdit

  • Sutekina Tabla (Wonderful Tabla)
  • Hikari no Kisetsu (Seasonal Light)
  • (fly higher than) the stars
  • ROSE~ Koibito yo, barairo ni somare (A lover dyed in rose)
  • what i want (Euro Mix)
  • Oedo Hanafubuki (Edo Shower of Blossom)
  • Smile the night away
  • Habatake, The Great Gambler (Flap your wings, the Great Gambler)
  • Love Is Strong To The Sky
  • I'm on Fire
  • Cherry and Raquel

Added songs for home releaseEdit

  • Sabishikute Loneliness
  • Give me your pain
  • Torikaeshite yaru! ~Again, My Lovely Day~ (I'll reclaim! ~ Again my lovely day ~)
  • Uruwashi no Cardigan (The beautiful Cardigan)
  • Hashire bun! Bun!
  • Prism . Heart
  • Miracle Moon (otsukisama ga chuukeikyoku) (the moon is a relay station)
  • RC
  • Pulse
  • Don't Disturb
  • ECM
  • Bee's Eye
  • Theme of Staff roll "Special mix"


  • One of the beta characters appearing in this game resembles Don Flamingo from One Piece.