Pop'n Music 1
Game 1

Release Date

September 29th, 1998 (Arcade)

1999 (Playstation)


18 (Arcade)

23 (Playstation)

Song Count

14 (Arcade)

19 (Playstation)

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Pop'n Music 2

  Pop'n Music 1 was released in 1998, then in 1999 with some modifications for the Playstation release. The characters of this game were all designed by MZD Design.

In this game there are three modes, BEGINNER, NORMAL, and HARD.

In BEGINNER MODE, a tutorial plays before the practice stage, and you can play 2 stages afterwards. Some of the charts are slightly modified from the Normal charts, and the judgment of timing is more relaxed.

In NORMAL MODE, you play 3 stages as normal. Sometimes ojama/jamming appear in this mode, depending on the dipswitch setting (or difficulty setting on the CS version). During ojama, the gameplay background changes and different graphics are shown, blocking the visibility of notes. A warning usually precedes the ojama.

In HARD MODE, you play 3 stages as well, but during ojama, the notes change positions as it goes down. Occasionally there are graphics blocking the notes as well. There is no warning preceding the ojama. This mode would later be known in the series as EXCITE. 

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  • In the Asian-English version of the game, some of the names of the characters are changed, along with Tekno being spelled as Techno instead. Stage Select was lengthened to Stage Selection. 
  • In the CS version of the game, the background image for Bamboo and Sanae-chan were modified. It's suspected that Bamboo's was changed due to the brightness of the original, while Sanae's depicted a the nude butt of a girl.