Character Information
Gender Female
Species Angel
Birthplace White Land
Likes Home cooked fish, her Mother, Lakes full of Fish
Dislikes Swimming
Hobbies Flying in the sky, Playing Trumpet
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 3

 Poet is a character in Pop'n Music. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Poet is a little angel girl with big gold eyes and golden-yellow hair worn in pigtails. Originally she was shown to be a toddler in the series, but has since grown through each appearance. 


An elegant little angel in search of knowledge, because she is unable to swim Poet befriends Fish above ground. With each experience she learns she grows a little more. She will sometimes deliver presents for all good children in the world. 


Pop'n Music 3Edit

Originally Poet wore a dark raspberry tank-top with a single strap over the shoulder, a sky blue diaper, and dark raspberry shoes  with white bottoms and green socks. She wears her pigtails with green bands. 

Pop'n Music 4Edit

Here Poet has grown. She wears a persimmon-orange dress with a single strap on the right shoulder and a pair of peach bloomers underneath the skirt. She also wore red mary-jane shoes and a pair of tights. Her hair has lengthened and looks curlier along the bottom. 

Pop'n Music 7Edit

Poet's pigtails have grown again and are worn slightly lower on her head, held with green ribbon's resembling leaf. She wears a pink dress with a pale yellow and white shawl held with a red cross, a pair of red and white boots, and red mittens. 

Pop'n Music 9Edit

Poet seems as though she may have aged down a little and looks more like her PM4 variant. She wears a dark blue dress on top of a white blouse with a red string tied into a bow at the neck. She has white tights and red flats, while each pigtail is held with an orange flower. 

In an alternate form, she resembles her original design, however she wears shorts instead of a diaper, and a pair of earrings. 

Song ListEdit

  • PM3: Suichuu Kazoku no Theme (The theme of Underwater Family) by Parquets. Her music theme is Celt.
  • PM4: Over The Rainbow by Parquets. Theme is Friendly
  • PM5: Sore Kara by Parquets. Theme is Sky.
  • PM7: HAPPY MUSIC by Parquets. Theme is Sunny.
  • PM8: Over The Rainbow (live ver.) by Parquets. Theme is Friendly Live.
  • PM9: Filament Circus by Parquets. Theme is Carol.
  • PM9: Uguisu (Nightingale) by Parquets. Theme is Tweet.
  • PM14: Amulet by Parquets. Theme is Wish.
  • PM15: Tsubomi (Flower Bud) by Parquets. Theme is Pinkish.
  • PMBH: Over the rainbow, Sore Kara.


Pop'n Music 3Edit

  • Normal - she flies
  • Good - She is seen in a close-up holding fourleaf clovers. She is seen flying.
  • Bad - She is seen struggling to get out of the water with SOS appearing while fish look at her.
  • When the gauge is full she is seen playing the trumpet.


  • Poet's first song is titled "Under the sea", which is ironic since Poet doesn't know how to swim.
  • Most of Poet's songs are by Parquets, a two-person musical group with Manami Fujino as the vocalist and Tsugumi Kataoka as the background music provider.