Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 6

 Pino is a Pop'n Music Characters. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Pino has fair skin with two tiny, black dot-styled eyes and a small, cyan oval-shaped nose. He has spiked cyan hair that sticks up, with two parts acting as bangs that are worn in front of a dusty-red headband. He has large yellow orbs over his ears, attached to the headband. 


An energetic school boy proud of his jet that he spends all day flying around and spinning in it. He mindfully watches the energy use to avoid wasting any.


PM6 Edit

Originally Pino was depicted as a small, tan-skinned boy with simple, bright lime green spiked hair. Pino wears a green themed one piece wit hthe sleeves and torso section a raspberry color. At the center of his chest is a sky blue gem to match the one on top of his left hand. He wears tall green boots and a pair of raspberry and white earpieces.


Pino switches to a more covering outfit; this one consisting of a dusty-red top covering his hands. At the center of the torso is a large blue sphere to match the one on his gold bracelet. The rest of his outfit is cyan and covers his body.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Ultra Boy V.C.O. feat. Yuko Asai Techno Kayo PM6
Save You Utchizu FM Pop PM13







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