Romaji Piruti
Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthplace Setagaya Tokyo
Likes Afro Wigs, lately
Dislikes Static!
Hobbies Fantastic Cordinations
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 12

Pilty is a character who appears in Pop'n Music 12.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Pilty is pale skinned with large, dark blue eyes. She has straight cut bangs of black, and a large afro in dark grey, decorated by small pale blue and green beads. To the side of her head is a red flower ornament with yellow and blue beads hanging from it.


A cute, funky Setagaya girl all grown up. She is fashionable and is rumored to own over three-thousand articles of clothing.



She wears a kimono in a gradient of yellow and cyan with white in the center. Around her waist is a hot pink band held by yellow string and a red bow. Her shoes are hot pink platform sandals with a white design on the strap.

Songs ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Tokyo Girl (Pop Mix) Metro Trip Setagaya System PM12




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