Oshare Zukin
Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 8

 Oshare Zukin is a Pop'n Music Character originally from Dance Dance Revolution.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Oshare is a fair-skinned girl with a unique face. She has wide, oval eyes with smaller iris and a wears hot pink lipstick. Her hair is not visible under her hood she wears. 


A happy girl anticipating her debut in the Pop'n World. She loves to dance and show-off her unexpectedly beautiful legs. 



Oshare wears a hot pink long-sleeved shirt that cuts off below her chest and a red heart at the center. On the back is a simple pair of white angel wings. Her skirt is red with very thin white lines, ruffles lining the bottom, and a belt on top. She wears tall white boots. On her head is a green frog hood. 


Oshare wears a white school top with a fucshia bow tied at the neck. Her school skirt is gray gingham while her shoes are plain brown school loafers worn with white loose socks. She wears a white cat hood. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
CANDY Candy Pop PM8
Graduation ~Sorezore no Ashita~ BeForU Sotsugyou from DDR PM12



  • Oshare Zukin translates as Stylish Hood. 






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