Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthday August 6th
Birthplace Jamaica
Likes Fruit, Summer Squall
Dislikes Beach Pollution
Hobbies Swimming, she happens to be a world-level swimmer.
First Appearance

Olivia is a Pop'n Music character.



Olivia is a deeply tanned woman with small green eyes and long, frizzy black hair usually adorned with a flower and worn in a ponytail. 


A kind, pretty girl with a big heart. She is beloved by many and people often spend their time wondering when she plans to settle down and choose a lucky man to marry. As part of her bridal training she has began to take up sewing. 

Olivia loves to go out and swim but lately worries over someone stalking her. When the stalker seems to quit she finds herself feeling lonely. 


Pop'n Music 1Edit

Olivia wears a cyan form-fitting dress with green, black, red, and yellow designs nearing the bottom. She wears a pair of sandals and a pink habiscus flower. 

Pop'n Music 5Edit

Here Olivia has shortened her hair a bit to make it appear curlier. She wears her pontail with two small white flowers. Her beige dress is shaped the same, with thin straps tied around the neck. Near the bottom is a thick section of green, copper, and indigo. She wears yellow and dark blue sandals, a simple pearl rings, and pearl bracelets. 

Recolored Olivia is of fair-skin with dark blue eyes and brown hair. Her jewelry is pink, while her sandals and dress are black. Her hair flowers are red, while the segments on her dress are various shades of red. 

Pop'n Music 12Edit

Here Olivia can be seen in her alternate colors. Her skin and hair has lightened severly while her hair is a pale brown. She wears the same dress, sandals, flowers, and accessories. Her eyes are dark blue.  ==Song List==

Name Artist Theme Game
Baby, I'm yours Lisa-T Reggae PM1
Uruwashi no Cardigan Akko's Carib PM2CS
In a Grow Noriko Fukushima Latin Pop PM5
Sweet Time (Pop'n Mix) Be The Voice Slow Life PM12


Pop'n music 1Edit

  • Neutral - Faces the screen and slowly moves sideways.
  • Great/Win - Covers her face with her fan
  • Bad/Lose - Shrugs
  • Fever - Uncle Jam appears below her, causing her to make a shocked expression.
    • In the first game, Uncle Jam appears from the side instead of from the bottom.
  • Ojama - Looks to the side, puzzled. Then Uncle Jam appears from one side and hits his head on the other side, causing the entire screen to shake. Uncle Jam then smiles while his nose bleeds, then returns back off screen. Olivia looks again to the side, still puzzled.


  • Originally Olivia had a Hawaiian inspired look, but afterwards gained that of a Mexican. 
  • Uncle Jam is implied to be her stalker, as he appears in a few animations of hers and he is commented on being perverted.