Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human with Kitsune Parts
Birthplace Oedo Star
Likes Taro <3
Dislikes Onions
Hobbies Housework
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 2

 Okon-chan is a character in Pop'n Music. She appears in a few animations of S.B.Taro during PM2, but became an official character in PM4.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Okon appears to be a tanned human girl with large seafoam-colored eyes. She has long burnt-orange hair resembling a hime-cut style with furry fox ears attached to her head, which are tipped by brown. Her fox tail matches this coloring, but with a white tip. 


Okon-chan is the Tea Show Show Girl and has a crush on Taro, who reciprocates whole-heartedly. For their first date they went to a Karaoke Box. She is pretty shy and stutters on occasion, but her cuteness only adds to her charm and popularity.


Okon wears a light pink kimono with a thick band of red going around her stomach with her white apron hanging from it. Her white socks are worn with red-toed sandals.  

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Ai Kotoba~Ai Kotoba (Love Words~Love Words) Kachou to Mami-chan Karaoke PM4






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