Starting with Pop'n Music 6, Nyami was given alternate forms for each game, not counting her actual design for the game. On this page you can find a list of what these other forms were, along with song, theme, and artist comments.   

Pop'n Music 6Edit

Image Song Theme Artist Comments
Nyami Shoten
Shoten Test Game Show Nyami chose to wear formal male attire and seems happy so far. When bored she steals Mimi's pillow.
Sazae-san no uta Nyami is going shopping~! What's on tonight's menu?
Space Nyami
Gundam 001 by Monnkey Masan Nyami is on a solo assignment as an astronaught to Mars. She took her daily stroll and searched the planet with good humour. However, even though no one is around, she feels that someone is watching her...
Nyami Shogun
General Reputation from Rowdy Recorded Hazime Yoshi Shogun This time, Nyami performs in a historical play. She seems content as she likes historical drama but it's puzzling why she chose to be a feudal lord and not a princess. However, the king's game is prohibited. She acts violently, but it's still prohibited. She can not help photographing nonsense, but...


Taiyo ni maero no Tema Taiyo Today, Nyami is in the middle of a police drama. Has the deeply movie ending been decided? She is very tired from so many running and action scenes
Yoake no uta Flanders The Nyami that loves to paint. Today she is leaving the sketch the alps! Nyami's paintings make Mimi smile.

Pop'n Music 7Edit

Picture Song Theme Artist Comment
Project A
Project A Proceeds Project A. Nyami that appears in Kung-fo Movies. She is always very famous, A must see~!
Prince Nyami
Bara was Utsukushu Chiru Bara Nyami plays two roles in this, a swordsman and a beautiful woman.
Love Nyami
Lum no Love Song Kaco She performs in a space love comedy. You will see the side of Nyami that's not usually there...

Pop'n Music 8Edit

Picture Song Theme Artist Comment
Space Cherif
Space Sheriff Gaven by Akira Kushida Uchuu KG. Nyami is singled out as the hero across the whole country! The rule of transformation is to strike a cool pose!
Nyami hero
Hero (Holding Out for a Hero) by Reika Hero Lately, Nyami is in the zealous youth drama! She likes to move her body, therefore today too she tries towards the setting sun.
Nyami cleaner
Just over the Demon World Seken/Ken Security This time Nyami is the lead role in a challanging soap opera! the co-star is always in the top rating.
Nyami plane girl
Thunder Birds Thunder Bird As a member of the corps, it's her duty to try her best to protect the world today. Does operator Nyami have support behind her?
Nyami Bee
8 Go go Nyami-bee! This time, she has trouble being so small in the world! However, she dislikes mantis by all means.

Pop'n Music 9Edit

Picture Song Theme Artist Comment
Nyami ghost
Q Taro new ghost by Manami Fuji Oba Q You'll probably be surprised by the goblin costume but, who came out at everyone?
HoneHone Nyami
Honehone Rock by D-crew + 1 Hone Hone She's invited to the secret HoneHone party, so will she dance all night disguised in this HoneHone look??(Note: This variation is called "hone nyami".)

Pop'n Music 10Edit

Picture Song Theme Artist Comment
Nya Nya Nyami
Ningen-tte Inna
Nyami Ready
Nyami Devil
This Nyami's charm point is her cute little fang~!
Saint Nyami
Iron Maiden Nyamiga

Pop'n Music 11Edit

Picture Song Theme Artist Comments
Nyami Hong Kong
Hong Kong Magic by Tiger Yamato Hong Kong Euro Love China Woman. Love Okuma Cat. China cat love.
Nyami Cop
Cowboy Bebop Nyami
Tank! Bebop

Pop'n Music 12Edit

Picture Song Theme Artist Comments
Crayon Shin-chan Nyami (Crayon Shin-chan) is going to be played as Little Colson on Pop'n Music Unstoppable The Movie!
Nyami Z
CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA by Hironobu Kageyama Dragonball Z
Nyami Conan

Pop'n Music 13Edit

Picture Song Title Theme Artist Comments
Mysterious Adventure Dragon Ball


  • Throughout her alternate persona, Nyami's hair appears to be another color five times.
    • Pop'n Music 7 is the only game where one of her alternates lacks her normal brown hair coloring.