Character Information
Gender Female
Species Anthro Cat
Birthday Febrary 8th
Birthplace Japan
Likes Roller Coasters
Dislikes Coffee, The Teacup Ride
Hobbies Gossip, Visiting Amusement Parks, Fun
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 1

Nyami is one of the two icon Characters from Pop'n Music, the other being Mimi, her best friend. As an Icon character, Nyami makes many appearances in every game and appears in plenty of merchandising. 

Debuting as a Player character, Nyami did not gain a song until PM5.

To see alternate Nyami persona view this page: Nyami (Other forms)


Physical AppearanceEdit

Nyami is a pale creamy-white cat girl with big pupil-less dark green eyes. She has long Sangria-brown hair worn in thin, long braided pigtails and straight cut bangs. She has a tiny brown oval nose and while lacking a tail, she has small pointed cat ears.

Usually Nyami dresses like Mimi and will wear anything from dresses to T-shirts and jeans. 


A chatty girl who seeks fun times and thrills. She loves to spend time with her best friend Mimi, due to their shared interests. They can be found usually in the same places and when they are not together, you can bet they spend most of the time thinking of the other. They perform on Television and live together in the Pop'n House. 

Nyami is often given the leaderly role and can often be found put in charge of their activities or anything involving some sort of organization - like finding teammates for activities or supporting their Soccer Team to play their best. She also shows some tomboy-tendencies and often gains Male-oriented roles compared to Mimi's own. However, she has her own girly behavior and seems to enjoy when the role is switched.

Always cheerful, she spends time listening to the Pop'n Music and is looking for small ways of expressing her own indivisuality. Such as the time she made a cheerful fuss over their outfits and picked a Border Shirt all on her own. 


Pop'n Music 1Edit

- A blue T-shirt with red piped lining and a BM icon on the chest. Her denim jeans were worn with a pair of black and white sneakers. In an alternate image she wore a white top under a blue and red jacket, the same jeans, and red and white sneakers. 

Pop'n Music 2Edit

A white T-shirt with red sleeves and a teal star at the center. Her jeans and shoes remain. 

Pop'n Music 3Edit

A denim jumper with golden-orange shoes. Her shirt is dark blue/black. 

Pop'n Music 4Edit

A forest-green soccer uniform with POPPERS wrote in white above a white star. Thin white lining traces the top, while her sneakers and jeans remain.       

Pop'n Music 5Edit

A dark blue T-shirt with thin yellow stripes on the sleeves. A cat skull was depicted on the front. Her denim pants are red, while her black sneakers remain. Around her neck is a blue scarf. 

Her alternate palette includes a white and ice blue shirt, white jeans, and blue and white shoes. Her scarf turned green. 

Pop'n Music 6Edit

Nyami's normal attire consists of a Purple shirt with red collar and a flame on the front with writing on it. Her denim pants are dark blue with a pearl chain on the left pocket. Her sneakers are the same, while she wears a pink spiked bracelet on her right wrist and an orange hoop earring in her left ear. 

Pop'n Music 7Edit

A white shirt with red collar and sleeves. Her denim pants are worn with green and white shoes and she wore a light blue wristband on her right wrist. 

Pop'n Music 8Edit

A pink Camo T-shirt with black lining and a small black star on the corner of the chest. Denim pants with the cuff rolled up and plain white sneakers. 

Pop'n Music 9Edit

The Pop'n Cafe Uniform.

Pop'n Music 10Edit

A cute witch outfit composed of a white frilled dress-blouse with a red apple depicted on the torso. Worn with her normal pants and sneakers. On her head is a black witches cap with a thick raspberry band around the center. She was shown holding a star wand.

Another outfit she was shown to wear is composed of a red and white striped shirt, her normal pants and sneakers, a witch cap with a yellow band, and a cloak with an apple-shaped clasp. 

Pop'n Music 11Edit

Nyami wore a white shirt with two cyan stripes and a single center red. She kept her sneakers and a pair of khaki shorts. 

Pop'n Music 12Edit

A chinese-inspired outfit composed of a White long-sleeved shirt with red piped lining, black shorts, and sneakers. She pulled a small amount of hair into a bun held with a red flower, with her pigtail braids still remaining loose. She was shown carrying a fan.

Pop'n Music 13Edit

Nyami is seen in a jester-inspired costume. One side is green with white squares, while the other is pale mint. Down the center are three red buttons, while the collar and cuff are white. The sleeves and cap are opposite colored from the outfit; with the right ear and sleeve being pale mint, and the left ear and sleeve being green. She also wears a pair of white bloomers and fuchsia tights with a pair of green boots. On her left ear is a small yellow popper.

Pop'n Music 14Edit

Pop'n Music Sunny Park A yellow tank top with white cloth collar consisting of thin pink and pale indigo stripes. She also gained a pair of white puffed shorts, purple and pink striped pantyhose, brown shoes, and a bright orange cat-eared hat with a small sun clip attached to one side. Around her wrist was a brown multi-bracelet. She uses a black camera. 

Song ListEdit

Song Title Game By Theme
The Rising Tsumeru Pop'n Music 5  ASAKO J-Rap
Princess Piccolo Pop'n Music 10 Butapunch Philharmonic Orchestra Fairy-Tale
Alternate forms of Point theme of laughs, and Road of dawn Pop'n Music Best Hits


Pop'n Music 1Edit

  • Normal - sways from side to side
  • Good - strikes a pose
  • Bad - Turns away with an upset expression

Pop'n Music 2Edit

  • Normal - Sways from side to side
  • Great - Moves her arms twice in a swiping downward manner, strikes a pose. 
  • Good - same as above, but arms move once. 
  • Bad - Sits down with an angry expression. Makes a thumbs down. 
  • Raises arms forward while doing the two thumbs up.

Pop'n Music 3Edit

  • Normal - Sways hips while moving a thumps up gesture up and hand.
  • Good - Faces the screen and raises her hands up.


  • As Nyami and Mimi look and generally act the same it is unknown if their relationship with one-another goes further then just close friends. Hints would imply that they may be romantically linked, which is a popular fan theory. 
  • Nyami's name is inspired by the sound a cat makes, Nya, and by the name Naomi, or Nami. 
  • Nyami was shown to say "Darlin' " in Pop'n Music 3 and Pop'n Music 7. This might be a reference to Lum Invader from the anime Urusei Yatsura, since she always refers to Ataru Moroboshi as "Darling". Also, the opening theme, "Lum no Love Song" was a playable song in the game, and Nyami was used as the character.
  • Timer has a crush on Nyami but it's unknown what she thinks about him. She seems to enjoy his company and was spotted with him a few times in game art and in animations from the games.
    • There is one instance where she was not shown enjoying his company though. This is in Pop'n Music 6 from his lose animation, where he appears dressed as her. Also, in Pop'n Music 16, she appears weirded out by him on his win animation. 
  • in PM5 Nyami and Mimi are the only two characters to get alternative style of their outfit, instead of a recolor.
  • The outfit Nyami wears in Pop'n Music 11 was an outfit that originally appeared on a beta character in Pop'n Music 2.
  • Nyami gets dizzy easily. 



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