Nico is a new character in Pop'n Music Best Hits. His song is titled "Invisible Lover" by Pickles. The theme is

The future boy



A future detective who can warp around time. As he runs around he has a transforming partner named "Copol 2", who is a robot and also a bomb.

  • Birthplace: Mars AD2389
  • Hobbies: Long phone calls
  • Likes: Earth BC13500
  • Dislikes: Earth AD1950

Song ListEdit

  • PMBH: Invisible Lover


Nico looks to be a young boy, possibly a teenager, who wears a light chartreuse tanktop with very short chartreuse segments between them and his long Cerise pink boots, almost shoulder length cerise gloves, and a headphone set. He has fair skin and big chartreuse eyes. His hair is a soft orange-brown color with a puff of spiked bangs, and few spikes sticking up. His partner is a little teal-aqua colored Pop-Kun note-shaped bomb.


  • Neutral: Runs as his partner bounces.
  • Miss: He holds his partner but it explodes!
  • Great: Jumps up into the air and smiles cutely.
  • Good: Rolls his partner along his arms.
  • Fever: Rides on a flying hoverboard-ish vehicle.
  • Win: He sits down on a patch of grass and watches butterflies fly by.


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