Nazuna & Suzuna
Nazu Suza
Character Information
Gender Both Girls
Species Human
Birthplace A Mountain Village
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 12

Nazuna and Suzuna are a pair of twins appearing in Pop'n Music 12.


Physical AppearanceEdit

As twins, Nazuna and Suzuna resemble one-another. They both have very pale eyes half opened and very long black hair pulled into a bun on the side of the head, held with a white floral clip. A very thin ponytail sticks out from the bun. One twin has her hair facing the right, while the other has hair facing the left. 




Both twins wear the same outfit - however, the colors and design differ. One wears a pale pink dress with green lining and two red butterfly designs, while the other wears a green dress with very pale pink lining and violet flower designs. Both wear a pair of green sandals.

Songs ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Home Kosumosu and World Sequence/Seiya Murai Healing Duo PM12




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